Show & Tell Tuesday: Who You Were in High School

I decided to participate in Show & Tell Tuesday today because with my 20th high school reunion looming, high school has been on my mind. We will be out of town the week of the reunion and are still trying to work out if we will be able to make it back in time -- I hope we can, although I wonder if the invention of Facebook has made reunions obsolete. There seemed to be more fanfare surrounding our 10th than our upcoming 20th.

Who I was in high school? Ahhh ... tall, awkward, a little rebellious at times, friendly, boy crazy definitely, studious and I liked to join clubs. Lots of clubs.

I started out high school as a member of the marching band. My friends and I were asked to join the high school band while we were still in junior high. "We get to hang out with older students and go to Dallas and San Antonio for the yearly band trip? YES."

By the time, we actually were in high school, band had lost its luster and we found other activities that caught our attention as teenagers usually do. My major love and main extracurricular through high school was show choir. I adored show choir. The choir took a cruise to the Bahamas my sophomore year and it was the sketchiest, most random cruise ever (the pool did not even have any water in it) but we had the best time. Unfortunately, I lost two rolls of film on that trip and have precious few photos (thank goodness for Facebook friends).

Senior Show Choir Concert

I am standing in the middle in the light blue and white dress, which I rented from the local costume shop. It was itchy. My friend Heath (black cowboy hat) and I sung "Our Love is Here to Stay" by Ira Gershwin and I was absolutely terrified! Stage fright and I go way back.

Ginger, Janet & I

Show Choir Cruise, Tenth Grade

I am sitting by my gal pal Amy, who became my college roommate. The bookends on the front row were my two other close friends from show choir -- Katie, who introduce me to my husband and was my matron of honor at our wedding, and Erin, whom I have known since kindergarten. I remember my hair being a disaster for about 90% of that trip. AND -- that it was the first time I sat in a boy's lap! Scandalous.

Also tenth grade -- sporting the polka dot belt which I swiped from my mom's short set.

The girl on the far left with the pink skirt was my friend Regina. Regina died of breast cancer a few years ago. I miss her.

Once I left band halfway through my junior year, I had time for other activities -- I went back to dancing, which I had done all through my youth, and I tried out for the softball team, which was an epic fail. I was a good player as a kid, which is why no one could figure out why I no longer could hit the ball. I wish someone had suggested that I had my eyesight tested. In college, I went to an eye doctor who told me that my eyesight in my left eye had deteriorated dramatically. My first response: "So THAT is why I could not hit the ball!" I had overcompensated with my right eye for years. A few weeks into the season, I fractured my leg during sprints (I was secretly relieved) and that was that.

We did not have a dance team, but if we had, I would have been all over that. These photos are from our senior dance recital. I choreographed my senior solo -- now that was scary.

As are these wigs.

 LaD and I

My grades in high school are a little bit of a sore subject with me ("A LITTLE?" says the Engineer). I entered tenth grade at the top of the class with my friends, but was quickly sidetracked by all of the distractions that come with high school ... extracurriculars, boys, band, friends, my waitressing job at Shoneys ... and by the time I wised up halfway through my junior year, I had done irreparable damage to my GPA. I spent most of the remainder of school on the honor roll trying to fix my mess, but I had pretty much taken myself out of the running for a scholarship. It is my biggest regret from school and something that I feel very strongly about for my kids. School comes first. 

Friends were everything to me in school and I had some great ones.  Most of whom are still my friends today. This is a spectacularly bad picture of me but I love it because these were my people. I especially like this photo because seventeen years after it was taken, those two in the middle (one of whom you will recognize as The Bestie) got married.

10 Year Reunion

Every girl in this picture is a special person to me -- I have known all of them since grade school except Allison on the end in the shiny top. She was my joy-riding partner in crime in high school. There was not much to do in Winchester, Tennessee, beyond cruising the boulevard and we spent a lot of time doing so in the back of our friend Mikie's hatchback while listening to Pink Floyd. Al was also a bridesmaid in my wedding.

Tenth grade with my Birthday Buddy, Stephie:

Yes, our living room was pink. It was the nineties.

I was nominated for Friendliest for class superlatives, but was not too disappointed to lose to one of my oldest and dearest friends who to this day, might still be the friendliest person that I have met. If you are going to lose a popularity contest, there is no shame in losing to Jolene. Her fellow friendliest superlative was one of my favorite people in the world, George -- that is him on the left.

What is notable about this photo is that it was the day that I received my first car. It was also the day that I had my first car accident when I ran into the streetlight in Jim's (far right) front yard. What is even more notable is that Jimbo's dad was my car insurance agent. Sigh. That was a bad scene.

I worked in the office, was in all the service clubs and even a member of Young Republicans, which is funny in retrospect. I particularly enjoyed Interact. I also competed in an area-wide academic bowl at the local college -- I won a couple of medals although the judge gently informed me that "Memory" from Cats might have been a little out of my range. True that.

So let's talk boys. Sophomore year was my year of crushes and I must have had a crush on every boy who ever said hello to me -- and some who did not know I was alive. I was young for my grade with my September birthday and immature, so I did not have my first date (my buddy David who is still a friend today) until junior year. I also did not have my first boyfriend until junior year. He was from our hometown but already in college. I was suitably impressed by that. He was a good person and a great high school boyfriend. We also (creepily) looked alike, as we were both tall, blonde and skinny. To the point that the UPS man thought we were siblings. #awkward

We went to both my junior and senior proms together. As a surprise to no one, I was on my senior prom's decorating committee. 

I hope my kids have a better first kiss than I did -- oh, he was a dreamboat soccer player, but he was shady. I can look back now and see how he was one of those life lessons that is important to learn, but at the time it was a bad teen romance movie.

I am lucky that high school was a great experience. It definitely had its drama -- I don't want to gloss over any of the angsty parts but they also do not need to be immortalized on the internet. For the most part, I emerged relatively unscathed and ridiculously excited about college. Sadly, my school was torn down several years ago to make way for a new high school and I am still a bit melancholy when I drive by the empty lot. But it was not about the place as much as it was the people and I have many good memories of my time in high school.

Happy (rainy) Tuesday!


  1. I don't know if my class had a 10th but I won't be attending any. I didn't have a good experience and am so happy to be away from them.

  2. What great memories! That Bahamas trip is so funny, so glad you were able to have a good time despite the conditions! I always wish that I'd joined the choir or drama club in high school. I was in the band, but I think I missed my big singing break! :)

    1. I was just happy on the Bahamas cruise that I was one of the few who did not get seasick! And the movie on board was "The Bodyguard," but they had cut out anything remotely racy. But since we had all seen "The Bodyguard" at the local theater, we already knew what they had edited out. It was just lol-tastic.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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