Thoughts on Thursday

Feeling: Pretty calm about life. And if you know me, I don't say that often. My time covering many of the admin responsibilities at the paper is winding to a close with the imminent return of our special section editor. While it was stressful at moments, it was a valuable experience which added a different role to my wheelhouse.

Reading: This was so good!

Kudos to author Laura Salters -- I had no idea where it was going but I could not put it down. Laundry languished in the dryer ... the dog did not get his evening walk ... I did not care because I had to find out what happened to Sam. I look forward to her future work.

I give Run Away the elusive and coveted 5 out of 5 basset hounds.


Planning: A trip to Asheville, North Carolina. It looks like a beautiful, cool, little town with a ton of things to do.

Contemplating: The big 3-8 coming up in a few weeks. On our way to Orange Beach last week, I listened to Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" on audio book and thought about my own career. I am not sure I gleaned much from it -- the Army and Facebook are two very different animals -- but there were parts that validated my own POV. I agreed with her that you don't have to be a different person on the weekends from the workdays. It was very sad when she spoke of her husband who was a successful executive in his own right and tragically died from a freak accident in May. I could not help but wonder if she still believed what she wrote in the book. It is easier to devote that fleeting time to a career when you think that you have plenty of it left.

Procrastinating: Cleaning up my landscaping. When it is over 100 degrees outside, I can't even. But I have had three plants fry in the past week and I really need to replace them. And the weeds around my new backyard trees are out of control.

Wearing: My new shoes!

You know that you have made a good shoe decision when an engineer sitting beside you at a work dinner leans over and says, "I must ask you, where did you buy those shoes?" Dude engineers don't normally notice shoes. Well sir, I bought them on sale from Amazon Prime and they are fabulous. I am a longtime fan of Nine West -- I feel like they give you more bang for your buck than any other shoe brand.

Speaking of footwear, I keep shoes way too long. Especially workout shoes, which you are supposed to toss every three months. My Nikes are a year old and are starting to rub blisters on my feet. My gold jellies are no longer pretty, but they were my first pair of Jimmy Choos that I purchased for the Bestie's beachside wedding and they are still comfortable, so I keep them. The red White House Black Market heels that I found for $10, the Madewell animal print flats can only be worn for short periods of time before they become blister producers, the Top Shop slip ons I bought from Nordstrom Rack for $8 which are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever owned ... all sit in my closet. What is it about shoes that for many of us are emotional decisions? Is it because they remind us of a particular time in our lives? My beat up Tory Burch flip flops remind me of traipsing around Georgetown. I hold on tighter to my shoes that I did to the dress that I wore to my wedding reception (consigned a few years later). Why? My mother still owns pair of boots from the seventies and they are surprisingly still in vogue.

I have decided to break the habit and unload all shoes that I do not wear, like, or are past their prime. And then I shall reward myself with a new pair.  I might have a shoe addiction.

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  1.  "It is easier to devote that fleeting time to a career when you think that you have plenty of it left." -- This! It's been on my mind constantly since the beginning of this month / M starting Pre-K. I, too, wondered if S. Sandberg's POV changed after her husband's death earlier this year. I read the book before he died and that was my immediate thought when I learned of his untimely passing. So sad. Asheville is a fun town! I'm glad all is calm these days!

    1. Thanks gal! We are excited -- we are staying in a B&B for the first time, I think it will be a new, fun experience.

  2. I am bad about doing the same things with shoes. And those new ones are cute.


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