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Another 5 out of 5 basset hounds! Two weeks in a row:


It was excellent -- funny, poignant and well-written. The characters are my age and the flashbacks brought back memories of college --and made me want to go listen to some Jeff Buckley. Love Renee Carlino's work.

Listening: This came on Pandora on the way home from choir last night -- my favorite Indigo Girls song. Flawless harmonies.


I hate that I wasn't able to see them live when they were here in August.

Writing: A story on Veteran Retiree Appreciation Day coming up in September. It is a highlight of the job that we get to meet and support our nation's military veterans. It is definitely a privilege.

Wearing: Usually around this time of year, I cull my old, ratty workout clothes and replace my sneakers. I liked last year's sneakers so much that I bought the same ones, only in different colors.

Highly recommend these, if you like an ultra-light workout shoe:

Doing: Kid stuff. This has been a busy week for the Big and Little. Yesterday I attended an early morning meeting for Big's gifted program and then he and I went to the doctor in the afternoon. Conditional release from the arm brace! He still has to wear it for sports and PE, which he was disappointed about, but it could have been a lot worse. At least now he can play sports. This afternoon, I am attending his first robotics club meeting and then Little has her very first softball practice. She killed it at tryouts last week. Big and I were sitting in the bleachers and we were worried. She never had stepped foot on a diamond until that day but she got up there and hit every ball but one and caught every ball but one. Her brother and I just looked at each other, dumbfounded. Of course, he took credit for her skills, claiming that she got them from him. I think that she is just athletic. I am looking forward to fall softball. It is more relaxed and only a six-week game season. It is a good way for her to test it out and see if it is a sport that she likes. Little can be kinda fickle.

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