Wal Mart Grocery Pickup || A Review

So, Wal Mart sucked me back in.

I gave up shopping there a couple of years ago, other than a random photo lab pick up or Christmas tree purchase. Note: their Christmas tree selection is excellent. I am a Target/Kroger girl through and through -- and have been known to frequent the Dollar General Grocery, which has a surprisingly robust food selection. However, a few weeks ago my friend and neighbor Katherine posted on Facebook that she had just tried the Wal Mart grocery pick up with success and I was intrigued. It is a new process that Wal Mart has rolled out to select stores where you order your groceries online just like any other online purchase, set a time for pick up and then when you get to the designated pick up spot in the Wal Mart parking lot, they will bring out your groceries to you. I have done it twice now and today, I am sharing the results.

The website: Very simple to use. First you create an account, which is no different than any other online merchant account. They do not accept Pay Pal, so you do need a credit/debit card to store.

The selection: Next you use the search engine to type in your item and add it to your virtual shopping cart. There is a $30 minimum order. You cannot go back and just replace an old order, you will need to add those standard items that you need every week to your Favorites, then easily add those items to your cart.

The scheduling: I made my first order on a Sunday morning and the pickup slots -- which are in one-hour increments -- were full for the day so I set it for the next day. The second order was much simpler. I logged in, selected my items and checked out. A $45 order took less than ten minutes. On the second order, made on a Tuesday morning, I was able to get an afternoon pickup slot that day. You do have to order six hours in advance. On the second order, I left off one item and was able to go back and modify the order to add it, as it still was more than six hours until pickup.

The pickup: It was pouring down rain during our first pickup and I had Little Kid in the car with me. I thought to myself how much I wished that we had grocery pickup when she and her brother were babies. We pulled up to the clearly designated pickup area -- it looked like the Wal Mart version of a Sonic car park. When we arrived we called the number posted on the car park and they brought out our groceries. They did not have two items that I ordered and had substituted two similar items. I did not have a need for the substitutes so they took them off of the purchase. Total time: 13 minutes.

The second pickup, they had substituted four items and as they were very similar, I kept three out of the four. Total time: 6 minutes.

Verdict: Quite handy. On the second day, I was not feeling good at all and rolled up in my slippers. It was a relief not having to navigate a grocery store with a second grader for an hour. Wal Mart has really made this a quick and simple process -- especially for parents with small children and people with limited mobility. I think its success really depends on how particular a shopper is and whether the shopper is okay with possibly not getting every specific item that they need. I also think that this cuts down on the number of impulse buys by eliminating time in the store. Although if you like one-stop shopping and need more than groceries, this probably is not going to be a time saver for you. And if you are like me and forget to add items to your list, then you might be frustrated -- or end up stopping in another store on your way home. All in all, this will be a service that I utilize again.


  1. Great information -- thanks! I'm going to try this service soon!

    1. It is pretty handy -- and I think it reduces impulse buys in the store.


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