What's Up Wednesday?

What's up Wednesday? Joining up with my girl Mel for her monthly link up:

What we're eating: I promised the kids that we would take them to Waffle House tonight between their school's curriculum night and church choir because we are the epitome of high class. 

What I'm reminiscing about: I passed the doppelgänger to my first car the other day which made me think about the Firebird -- which was much cooler than its teenage owner. Unfortunately, I could not find a photo but visualize the Smokey and the Bandit car:

It had no radio and I had to staple gun the ceiling but it represented freedom so I loved it. Unfortunately it was also somewhat of a lemon so for my seventeenth birthday, my parents bought me a red Chevy Cavalier for a more reliable vehicle for college. Apparently I have no picture of that either! Stock photo --

What I'm loving: That it is National Dog Day! Our furry family members over the years --

What we've been up to: Little started her first season of softball this week! I am not sure our coach received the memo that fall ball is supposed to be calmer and less intense than spring ball. Oy.

What I'm dreading: The total house scrubbing that is coming as soon as I can lick this kidney stone. Life with a basset hound comes with a price.

What I'm working on: I attended a Women's Equality Day commemoration today and I have to tell you, it was my favorite assignment of the year. The Oakwood University Aeolians performed and they were awe-inspiring! Wow. If you are ever in Huntsville, Alabama, and have the opportunity to hear them, take it. We are about to enter our busy season at the newspaper with back to back special inserts every month for the remainder of 2015. Hold me.

What I'm watching/reading: We Netflix'd Hot Tub Time Machine 2 last night and it was so bad that it was physically painful to watch. After about 45 minutes, I was out. 

I also finished this yesterday, which was a light companion on a sick day. 

What I'm listening to: Hopefully, some joyful noise this afternoon. I wasn't able to participate in our church's nursing home outreach as much as I wanted to this summer but I hope to be there more often this fall. 

What I'm wearing: Okay, I splurged. Nordys put their Tory Burch Miller sandals on deep discount and I finally picked up a pair after coveting them for years. Proof: I pinned the black version on Pinterest four years ago. Those extra hours that I worked this summer are paying off.

What I'm doing this weekend: Well, it looks like we will be at church quite a bit this weekend -- our pastor invited us to a young adults get-together, which made The Engineer and I laugh. We haven't seen the young adult years since probably pre-kids, but we are rolling with it. We have also been doing a weekend restaurant crawl for the past few weekends. It is well-known that The Engineer likes a good meal so for his birthday, he was given several restaurant gift cards of which we are making good use.

What I'm looking forward to next month: My birthday! Woo hoo! I don't usually make a big fuss, but the older I get, the more I appreciate every year. So I am taking a cue from my birthday buddy Stephie, and I am doing it up right this year. Plus, I have a new special birthday buddy this year -- my nephew RHR, who will be turning one on the same day! I just ordered his birthday gift today. As much as I say that I am going to celebrate me this year, it is still more fun to rain down presents on this little dude:

So that's August in a nutshell! Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, it will be better than Tuesday. About 2pm the pain subsided which means I think the buckets of liquid I consumed hopefully flushed out the kidney stone. I admit, I was worried. About 11am, I threw up (TMI!) and that has not happened in years. I am still not 100% but fingers crossed that the worst is behind. Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. What a great what's up post! I'm a basset hound lover! My first dog was a basset hound. Have a wonderful birthday!

  2. And now I want to watch Smokey and the Bandit.


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