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I think that of all the different types of clothing, work wear is the easiest to fall into a rut. You are constricted by the rules of your office, both official and unspoken. And while Nordstrom says that dressy, short shorts and heels are okay for work, I am here to tell you that the Army would disagree.

Sometimes we all fall into the easy trap of black pants + top + loafers = done. Confession: I am wearing black cigarette pants right now.

It is clear that I needed some inspiration, so I took to Pinterest and this is what I found:

I am a huge fan of the pencil skirt -- I think it works for just about any body type. My all-time favorite pencil skirt is a $90 Cache leopard print that my sister found brand new at Goodwill for $5. Five dollars! If you need any more evidence that I am in a rut, I am wearing that same shirt at this moment.

I am very pragmatic with my work shoes shoes, although I gravitate toward pops of color and pattern. I like pumps (as can be seen in that link) because they can be worn all year, while peep toes are out for winter. I shy away from flats with elastic around the back because they are always so uncomfortable on my heels. I like a structured heel. I don't like a sky-high heel as I am already tall enough flat-footed. Two inches is about my jam, although I have a few three-inch heels. As for brands, I know that I beat this drum often but I love Nine West. Vince Camuto also makes a good heel. And the more color, the better -- you cannot go wrong with any of these classics, although my fave is the fuscia:


So, are you in a workplace rut? How do you pull yourself out?

Happy (rainy) Monday!

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  1. I need some inspiration. I have worked at a casual place for 13 years and I don't know that I will be that lucky with my next position.


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