Let's talk scarves

Because it is a crisp 80 degrees today in the Rocket City, let's talk about scarves. 

Okay, true confession: it really has to be cool for me to wear a scarf, I can't wear them year-round. In fact, this past summer, I looked at my scarf rack and wondered if scarves were a trend of the past. #nope

Scarf holders: Amazon

I like scarves because they are:

-Easy: They instantly give jeans and a tee a polished look, and disguise the fact that you overslept and got ready in 12 minutes. And when I say you, I mean me most mornings.

-Inexpensive: There is no reason to spend $40 on department store scarves. I buy mine at Target, where the quality is just as good and the trends are on point.

This year buffalo check is hoooge.

-Versatile: You can change the look of your decade-old coat and not break the bank with a different scarf. I like neutral coats and bright scarves. 

I am pretty set on scarves this season, so I am not going to go bananas with any new ones. Especially since my Stitch Fix included a black and white plaid infinity this month (scarf #2 in the first photo). What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of scarves?


  1. I totally agree! I'm definitely not a scarf in the summer kind of girl! Have a great day!!

    1. It is slowly inching toward scarf weather. It is almost here! :D

  2. I have never gotten the hang of wearing scarves. Something about it scares me.


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