Thoughts on Thursday

Some quick thoughts before we dash to the ballfield ...

Reading: I am on a Ruthie Knox kick. She wrote a book under her pseudonym that I absolutely adore named "Deeper," but I have avoided her contemporary romance novels because of all the shirtless men covers. Shirtless men, while I enjoy in most endeavors, are not my jam when it comes to novels. I think that they inch uncomfortably close to the bodice rippers of yore. My mistake. Her writing is funny, sharp and very well done. Yes, there are sexy times galore but there is also a plot, which is what I look for.

Listening: The Ben Folds Pandora station. Especially his live version of "Smoke," with the full orchestra, which is just gorgeous.

Writing: I finished a multifaceted story today about the upcoming Retiree Appreciation Days, which is our annual installation salute to veteran retirees. It was fun, but I am glad that I can finally mark it off my to do list.

Wearing: I went with a classic for a meeting today -- my navy JCrew suit, and I received several compliments which made my day. It is funny how the most simple of outfits often make the most statement.

Highly recommend. It is pricey but it will last forever and never go out of style. (Ed note: And it is much more palatable at 30% off.)

Eating: Anything and everything. Not the best of plans as my aforementioned suit proved when it was snug around my middle today. The buffalo burger that I ate for lunch did not help matters (although it was delicious). I have been very devil may care lately with meals, but I am now trying to be more intentional about what I am eating. And I am back to my weekly yoga class which has become an essential part of my routine.

Happy Weekend! I am taking a long weekend for the holiday -- and for my upcoming birthday. I honestly cannot remember when The Engineer and I both had a long weekend (or a weekend, period) off from work together. Woo hoo!

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  1. I have always loved JCrew suits. I remember oogling them in college thinking I'd wear them one day (which I haven't, but maybe someday). I need to check out the pandora station - I'm always looking for new ones!


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