Thoughts on Thursday

Watching: Short stuff's first softball game!

Little Kid has had a week of highs and lows. She started off the week receiving the Student of the Month award for her class at Monday's PTA meeting!

Tore the field up Tuesday, going four for four, scoring two of her team's eight runs and hitting a home run with the help of a wild throw to first and a second baseman who was distracted by something in the sky as the ball rolled on by her. Ah, seven-year-old softball. Big's at the age where games are pretty intense now so it is taking some adjustment to go back to the days when they are just learning. Unfortunately, Little took a ball to the face and now has a nice bruise on her cheek. She's also home from school with a nasty virus. Highs and lows.

Wearing: My new flannel shirts. Confession -- all my flannel shirts are from Costco. But I promise you that they are the best flannel you will ever wear. Soft, not too voluminous (like my Old Navy) or too tight (like my Ralph Lauren) the perfect length and weight. And they cost less than $15! I have no picture of myself, but here is a pic of the Costco model sporting my red flannel --

Writing: A ton. I just finished -- literally minutes ago -- my last story for our special issue of the newspaper about Cummings Research Park. CRP is the second largest research park in the country and has a fascinating history. I will link it up when it runs. This is a very busy time of the year for the newspaper.

Singing: Our choir performed "Requiem" by Mark Hayes again this weekend in remembrance of the victims of 9/11 and the War on Terror. I was pretty sick myself this weekend (I think I gave her the virus) but managed to get myself to practice and the performance because it was important to me. Now, you know that I don't often talk about feelings and emotions (ew) and what not, but I will say that there were moments Sunday during the performance that I truly felt the hand of God in our sanctuary. It was such a strong feeling that there were times I had to stop singing and collect myself. It was a truly meaningful evening with some special people.

Now on that shmoopy note, Happy Thursday!

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