Thoughts on Thursday

Creating: More gold DIY. I was inspired by my Gold post Monday. Check it out -- there are some great gold projects in there. My favorite is my new striped corner shelf for our powder bath:

Confession: I "gold" things when I am stressed. Before, it was a plain $15 white corner shelf from Target which will hold  a soap dispenser and toothbrushes. A $1 roll of gold foil washi tape indulged my love of gold and stripes. More on the powder bath redo (think: midnight blue) in October!

Watching: Miss Girl play some ball this week. She has played three games so far and has hit a home run in each! Full disclosure: The girls are still at the age where they are learning the fundamentals, so throwing a runner out at a base does not happen more than it does. Little is fast so she takes advantage of that and just keeps rounding the bases and outrunning the throw.

Anticipating: The imminent arrival of The Bestie who is coming down today!

Appreciating: Grandmothers. We have two super ones who have volunteered to help with the kiddos while I work this weekend.

Missing: The kids annual fun run at school tomorrow. They have been raising funds for the last couple of weeks and are excited as fun run day is always a big event at school. I have to work and I am not feeling good about that as it is Big's last run before he heads to middle school next year.

Working part time enables me to keep a handle on the work/life balance most of the time but the nature of the job can be a double-edged sword. Many responsibilities are flexible but the weekly and special issue deadlines are not. What is also a double-edged sword is that we are a small staff with big expectations -- which is flattering -- but it can also cause me to paint things gold at weird times of the day (see the stress relief shelf above). I interviewed a leadership trainer Tuesday and felt as if I had gone thru the program myself afterwards. It is fascinating how much of successfully leading people is psychological.

Enough woolgathering -- Happy Thursday!

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