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Joining up with my girl Mel for What's up Wednesday today. So what is new with Team Skelley:

What I'm Reminiscing About: With my upcoming 20 year high school reunion, I would have to say that I am reminiscing about school and looking forward to seeing everyone. This will be my third reunion --
10 Year Reunion

I was so tan above. And so not tan below.

15 Year Reunion

-- and even though I have also been to two of The Engineer's, they still seem to be a big deal. I have read a few articles online about preparing for a high school reunion and one of the more interesting suggestions was not to buy anything new to wear and that you will feel more comfortable in your clothes. They both said that the worst thing that you can do at a reunion is try to be someone you aren't and I agreed with that. 

What I'm Loving: The new color of our powder bath. Is it blue? Is it grey? Who knows. I just think it is awesome.
Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy

It was needed a fresh coat of paint and now that it is almost done, the next step is the gallery wall. I hope to blog about the completed room next week.

What We've Been Up To: We have been keeping busy with our usual activities and obligations with some fun outings mixed in. We picked up a couple of the kids friends and hit the snocone stand on its very last day before closing for the season. It closed for good at 9 p.m. - we made it at 7:15 and ate snocones in the dark. 

What I'm Working On: It has been one special issue after the other at the Newspaper. As soon as we finished our special edition on Cummings Research Park, we jumped into our special edition on the Army's Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation. And as soon as that is over (Tomorrow! Glory Hallelujah!) we jump into Veterans Week. If we can just survive until Veterans Day (which is actually a whole week here in the Rocket City, the most patriotic place on Earth) then the rest of 2015 is smooth sailing.

What I'm Dreading: The remainder of the University of Tennessee football schedule. Between the Oklahoma and Florida games, my nerves are shot, my optimism has left the room and my GBO has become more of a defeated sigh than an exuberant shout. I had such high hopes for this season.

What I'm Excited About: Our upcoming trip to Asheville! The Engineer and I will be living it up kids-free style while the boy and girl get some Gramma time in.

What I'm Watching: Who is watching the Heroes reboot? We were big fans of the original series, but I have not made up my mind on the new one.

What I'm Wearing: I don't know what I am wearing. The weather is so persnickety here in Huntsville that it could be shorts to leggings to boots to sandals. I will say that I have cleaned my closet out for the season and tucked away my summer clothes. I just can't wear linen in October, can't do it. I do really like my birthday gift from The Bestie (I am wearing them right now):

What I am also loving is my Tory Burch perfume -- also a birthday gift from my mom. If you are out and see it try it on, I love it. Not too heavy, but not a summer flowery scent either so I think it will be perfect for fall.

What I'm Doing This Weekend: Spending time in a graveyard. Well, it is October. Actually, Big Kid's gifted class is dressing in period garb from the beginning of our city and participating in a historical cemetery stroll. The Engineer is excited, he eats this stuff up. 

What is Your Favorite Halloween Tradition? Dressing up various hound dogs over the year:

This year's costume is EPIC.

Thanks for dropping by and Happy Wednesday! Joining up with:

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