you say its your birthday ...

... its my birthday too -- yeah!

If you have been reading Team Skelley for awhile you know that my first nephew was born on my birthday last year. My birthday pal came over Saturday to kick off his first birthday weekend extravaganza:

Uncle M. indoctrinated him to Tennessee football.

Gramma capturing  the festivities --

We lured these two away from the Xbox with cake.

We realized how baby unfriendly our house is now that we have grade school kids. We had no chairs to set the poor little guy on with his Bumbo that weren't white, light colored or a bench so we had to set him up on the kitchen floor. It just now came to me that I could have put down a sheet. Sigh.

He's a fan!

So is he:

They are BFFs. #grammaisacatperson

He was a little grumpy but loved our bed so we let him open his presents on it.

RHR is a cool, little guy and his cousins are enamored with him. I hope that we spend our birthdays together every year. Happy Birthday to my birthday pal! We love you!


  1. Happy birthday to you and your nephew! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday! I am glad the nephew had a great day.


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