A Decade of Halloween Hilarity | Look back at costumes

I realized that I have not done a comprehensive Halloween costume post in many years and as Halloween costumes are some of my favorite things -- and I have a sneaking suspicion this is Big's last year for dressing up -- today is the day! As you will see, my photography has improved over the past decade (it could not have gotten any worse).


Our first Halloween with our little pea in the pod. We trick or treated at one house and then went out to eat and he slept through the entire meal. It was great.


His noggin was so big that I had to have a special piece of velcro sewn in to fit the headdress around his head. He has been wearing adult-sized ball caps for years. #bighead


I remember that is was very cold and rainy that year, and we only made it to five houses in the neighborhood.


I was pregnant with Little and The Engineer was overseas for work so I was not too sad when Big said three houses in that he was ready to go home. Big was obsessed with Power Rangers when he was three! However, he did not really get into trick or treating until probably elementary school.


First Halloween with Little! The photo of the Little won the local newspaper’s costume contest.  


Our first Halloween in Huntsville.  What I remember about this year is that pink in my hair?  Contrary to the label on the bottle, it never came out.  The stylist had to cut it out of my hair before our Christmas card picture.


Probably my favorite costume for Big: Land Shark. *knock knock* "Candygram."


Don’t all ninjas wear Nikes?


I heart this costume so much. We purchased it when we saw the Rockettes in Nashville the previous Christmas and I tucked it away for ten months. I could barely stand it.


We have moved into scary costumes. Sigh.

Much better.

We found this costume at a dance company yard sale and Little fell in love with it. I fell in love with the $10 price tag.


It was so cold that year! We bundled Little up after photos but she was still a popsicle. 

What about 2015? Well, Little's is sitting in her closet and Big has some idea about his BFF and he dressing up as rappers. That will be interesting.

Thank you for dropping by and Happy Tuesday!

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  1. So deep down big kid is a Rebel. :)
    I can't believe how big they are getting.

  2. Cute! My faves - Big as The Incredible Hulk and Little as a baby strawberry!


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