Fletcher Fitness Friday

Fletcher has become a vegetarian. And in two months has lost 23 pounds!

Here he is with his BFF Rocky, whom he used to dwarf. He was the Hulk to Rocky's Bruce Banner. Now they are almost the same size!

After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, our vet was adamant that the Fat Dog had to become less fat. So with his new meds, we also cut his dog food intake by half and supplemented his food with frozen green beans. Yes, frozen. And he loves them. Although that is not exactly a surprise when you are talking about the dog who eats sidewalk chalk and a Lego Friend. There isn't much he will not eat.

He is talk of the neighborhood with his weight loss. Several of our neighbors have commented on his new svelte shape. And for the first time since we adopted him, Fletch has a waist.

He was doing so good with his eating and we had all but blocked his food ninja ways by chucking him outside during meals. But he got me (and half a pizza) Friday night. I don't trust food on the counter with him so I came up with the bright idea of setting the pizza in the pantry while we ate. It was raining so he was inside with us. Unfortunately, I forgot to shut the door when getting Big, who was diagnosed with strep that day, his medicine. I heard a loud clang and immediately knew what happened. Fletcher - 1, Pizza - 0.

He is still a work in progress but we love him.

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  1. So proud of Fletcher. And to funny about the pizza.


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