Friday Faves: Friends & A High School Reunion

The local high school held its homecoming last Saturday while we were back in Tennessee for my twenty-year high school reunion. It was a little surreal to scroll through my Facebook feed and see the pictures of the excited kids all dressed up in their dresses and bow ties juxtaposed with reunion photos of classmates who I have known almost all of my life. Because while I sometimes I feel far removed from my school days, I still have incredibly clear and fond memories of that time of my life. Those young kids don't yet understand how important the teenage years are and how they will influence them in a myriad of ways.

Organizing the reunion hit some snafus but a few classmates stepped up to get it together -- thank you BJ, Tina and Diana! Our reunion was held at a lovely arts venue in our hometown. I brought the tablecloths and centerpieces since I live close to a Party City, or as it is also known, the fifth circle of hell. Have you ever been inside a Party City? If ever there was a misnomer for a name -- it should be called Fluorescent Misery Town.

This is what I cooked up for centerpieces -- a vase from Dollar Tree, glittery sparkler from HobLob (that is not its real name, but that is what I called it), a piece of striped tissue paper and a personalized card (Picmonkey FTW again) tied with a ribbon -- all in our school colors, of course. Confession: I even changed the colors on the blog today to reflect our colors.

As you can see, we brought our decorating assistant, who helped out before we dropped her off with her Gramma.

We met at a local Mexican restaurant to catch up before the reunion. Renee beside me -- I have known her for a billion years. And her husband is friggin' hilarious. I am glad that The Engineer had a  fellow non-FCHS spouse to hang with.

Onto the reunion! It's the twins! And Lashunda! And hey, there's Tim!


These girls are my people and have been since I was a curly-headed, freckled shrimp.

Longtime readers know the gang who show up here from time to time -- we have been friends since junior high, some of us since grade school. We try to meet up once a year and I hope we always do. I think we will.

It is not a reunion without the Bestie.

My show choir girls. As you can see, we have been tight since tenth grade. The blonde, Amy, was my college roommate (I am still apologizing to her for those #drama years) and Katie, aka the one who looks like Molly Ringwald (you do, stop arguing with me) introduced me to The Engineer. Shorty -- Erin -- with the curly hair is possibly the funniest person I have ever met. I love all three of them.

I will be honest, I was nervous. Enough that I went and actually had a manicure, for the first time since probably the ten-year reunion. Typing destroys my nail polish so I just don' fool with it. I also had a toothache which almost prompted me to send my regrets.  Since our ten-year reunion, we have moved and added Little to our family. Since our fifteen-year reunion, I have changed careers and now write for the Army. But the great thing about reunions is that the high school hierarchy is left behind. Everyone is just genuinely glad to see each other. It is a good feeling.

I was a big fat fail at getting any pictures of M. and I together so I stole a few from Tina (gal in the middle sporting the cute leggings above -- thanks girl!). This photo makes me giggle -- all of the spouses on photographer duty.

Katie's whispering something that makes me laugh, some things never change.

More of my show choir girls -- can you tell that show choir was an important part of my formative years? I still can break out the second soprano part of Kenny Roger's "Lady,"  on command. Janet's mom was my girl scout troop leader in elementary school. It is always great to see her and catch up.

If I had any regrets from the evening it is the people that were not there. Several friends could not make it and they were definitely missed. But all in all, it was a great night and I know that I am biased but I think the Franklin County High School Class of 1995 is something special. I am proud to be a part of it.

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