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Do you have a dream house? The house that you would buy/build if you were to win the lottery or receive a sizable surprise inheritance from a distant wealthy aunt? I have clearly been reading too many fiction novels.

I have a dream house and it actually is only about five minutes from my home:

This picture is from Google but I removed the identifying info. to not be a complete creeper. I love everything about this house: the tile sidewalk, the pergola, the double doors, the landscaping... I might choose a different brick but that is just my being overly picky. This brick is lovely.

Contentment can bring you peace and there are many dream aspects to my own home that I love. Since I was a little kid, I always wanted a two-story foyer. I am also of the opinion that there is no such thing as too much crown. I would wainscot from head to toe if I could get away with it. The kids having their own bathroom is a luxury that my sister and I wish we enjoyed as a kid -- and today it goes a long way toward keeping the peace. The laundry chute (why do I always type shoot) is also one of those dream house aspects that we love.

Home Tour 2015

So we are so lucky and I love this home which is our sanctuary and more than anything that The Engineer and I could have ever imagined when we started this crazy journey 14 years ago...but it is nice to still have dreams.

Happy weekend!

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  1. This is a gorgeous house! I think about my dream home all the time. I know I want a huge front porch with rocking chairs and an English garden full of roses and other beautiful flowers.


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