Halloween Week: Princess Leia Pumpkin

It is Halloween Week!

As you know we are pretty Star Wars crazy around here. The Engineer is a Star Wars fan from way back. He owned a Star Wars bedspread long before the days of Pottery Barn Kids. I think my membership in the fandom factored into his marriage proposal.

So of course with Star Wars fever reaching a frenzy, we had to do themed pumpkins this year. It was a no brainer. All in all we have three but today I am talking about my favorite. I give you, 

Princess Leia Pumpgana.

There are surprisingly not a lot of Leia pumpkins on the internet, but I found This as an inspiration. We did deviate and use white pumpkins for her hair and head. Note: White pumpkins a week before Halloween are difficult to locate. I went to three different places before finding these -- and I got their last two small white pumpkins.

Another interesting thing that we learned is that white pumpkins are very dense. So get ready to do a lot of carving and a lot of shaving.

The Engineer is our family's carver and I am the painter. We had Nana on hand to scoop out pumpkin guts. Nana is an excellent pumping scooper. The kids helped with the buns.

We decided to cut the hole in the bottom to keep her hair smooth -- that actually was pretty easy and I recommend for any head-type of pumpkin. I also googled Carrie Fisher's eye color (brown) because accuracy is important. We (and when I say we, I mean The Engineer) inserted an extra-long screw through the sides of her head and then screwed on her buns so the screws would not show. I am less meticulous and probably would have just hammered them on, but his way does look better. To finish, I rolled up an old undershirt of M.'s and voila!

 via teamskelley on Instagram

The stormtrooper came from a carving kit that I purchased at Target several years ago.

What we learned: Magic eraser cleans up paint mistakes but if you set it out in the sun, whatever cleaning chemical that is in the eraser will turn the pumpkin yellow. Princess Leia now looks like she has a light case of jaundice. Also, I ended up using craft paint because Sharpies really do not work on pumpkins. It might not be as epic as Olaf Pumpkin, but it still one of my all-time faves.

Happy carving!


  1. I shared your Instagram pics with my husband who is a huge Star Wars fan and his response was "Nicey done!" Now I'm sure he's going to want to do this too. Ha! They are all very creative! Great job!!

  2. Y'all are so creative! We didn't even part of a carve pumpkin for our porch this year. In my role as M's Pre-K Room Mom, we did carve big holes in 3 different sized pumpkins to make a pumpkin toss game for the Pre-K Fall Carnival. That was the extent of our pumpkin carving. Looks fun!

  3. Confession: Princess Leia and the Stormtrooper did not make it to Halloween. Brain Trust here moved them out of the three days of rain but did not bring them inside -- mainly because the basset would eat them. So even thought they were dry, they could not handle the moisture and Leia's bun collapsed into her head! It was a little gruesome.


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