Ninja Pumpkins aka Obligatory October Decor Post

I like to hide pumpkins throughout the house in October to see if anyone notices (they don't).

We have pumpkins in my office:

On our bookshelf:

In my reading nook (this year's addition: $6 studded pumpkin from Target):

On our kitchen table:

On the living room side table:

Two minis on the mantle:

As soon as we opened the Halloween storage boxes, Miss Girl swiped this one for her room:

And of course, outside:

Every year, all of my vinca die just before Halloween. Every year.

Hey, whatcha doing out there, human?

What I like about pumpkins is that with the exception of the jack-o-lantern (which we found lying in our yard on Nov. 1 several years ago) they can stay out until Thanksgiving. And if I lived somewhere that September wasn't face-melting hot, I could probably put them out earlier than I do. It makes purchasing holiday decor a little more palatable, money-wise. Although, to be honest, most of these pumpkins came from the dollar bin at Target and Big Lots. 

So what about you, are you a pumpkin person? Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Love all of your pumpkins! I totally agree and leave my pumpkins out until the Christmas decor comes out. I go for a more Fall theme vs Halloween theme because I can leave everything out to enjoy much longer :)


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