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To read part one of the weekly room redo challenge: Go Here.

I wrote up a post but wasn't able to link it up last week as we were out of town when the challenge went live - and my computer was in the shop. A malfunctioning down key does not seem like a big whoop but you would be surprised what you cannot do without it. And how expensive it is to fix.

The day that I picked up my MacBook from the shop was also the same day that I took a header over the basset hound on my patio and landed quite inelegantly on the concrete. Since I was actually on the phone with the repair shop when I tripped over him, I tried to break my fall with my hands and landed on my iPhone shattering the screen. We had the screen repaired but have since learned that the innards are scrambled and I am phone-less right now. Which is a tl;dr way of saying that I promise I will respond to comments via email once I have a working smart phone. We are trying to determine if this latest snafu is worth fixing or if I will need to replace the phone.

The furry speed bump, sneaking onto the couch.

So last week, I introduced my project -- updating the powder bath. This week, I am deciding what will stay and what is outta here. 


The mirror which I love. One of the things that we did when building the house was not put in any builder grade bathroom mirrors. The builder wanted to do that standard glass slab but we thought that  they were pricey for such a boring fixture. So we took that money, funneled it into the lighting budget and instead on our own time, found bathroom mirrors online and in stores that were honestly, nicer and less expensive. Such as the powder bath mirror which I picked up for $65 on eBay.

Also, what is staying: The Two-Toned Toilet, which has worked out very well. I recommend it to anyone with young boys. The silhouettes of the kids in the photo above: staying. This beautiful print below that I picked up at Panoply several years ago: staying. I know I blogged about it as it has an amazing story, but it is not popping up in my search. This was created by a painter from Chattanooga whose house was severely damaged in the Tornadoes of 2011. I met her at Panoply on the one year anniversary of the tornadoes and immediately felt a kinship. 

This painting was inspired by the tornadoes -- a tree came through her home and severely damaged it. I love how she captured such a terrifying event but infused it with beauty and hope.

 The black fixtures (you can see a peek of them): staying. The pedestal sink: definitely staying, as it works perfectly for the space and we are trying to reign in the budget for this small space project.

What is going:

The wall color. New color:

The wicker trash can (you can see it in the two-toned toilet link) was spray painted champaign gold and moved to another bathroom which needed a garbage can. The light -- another inexpensive builder basic that I have never been in love with -- gone. 

When building our home, the powder bath light was on the bottom of my lighting list and it showed. The shelf that holds the kids toothbrushes, etc. -- gone. I tried to paint it and failed miserably. The hand towels, which were pretty worn: gone. The plastic disposable soap dispenser, gone.

Next week: What we are adding and where we found it. Stay tuned!

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  1. I hate it about your phone. What did you decide? Mine has been acting crazy and cutting off when it says over 80% battery left.


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