Shopping for a good cause

It is close to the holiday season when people's thoughts usually turn to giving back. So I wanted to share with you today what a group of students in Dallas is doing to be environmentally friendly and you can help -- wherever you live. Longtime readers of the blog might also recognize one of these kids, who is Big Kid's friend and the older brother to his Bestie:

The eco-entrepreneur is on the end with the boys.

Nick and his friends came up with this eco-friendly concept and with the Christmas season at our door, it is the perfect opportunity to get your gift-giving done while contributing to worthy causes. They have put together a website that connects shoppers to online companies with a heart for service and a mission of philanthropy.

Please support these caring kids and go check it out!


  1. You are so sweet to blog about shoppingforearth.com. Great idea ever right? Love reading your blog. Keep up the awesome posts!!!


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