What's Up, October?

Joining up with my girl Mel for What's up Wednesday today. So what is new with Team Skelley?

What I'm Reminiscing About: High school. My 20 Year (meep!) Reunion was this month and it was a lot of fun. And a little surreal.

What I'm Loving: Little's Storybook Parade at school! I am actually posting this Thursday morning so I can include it. All of the kids in second grade dressed up like their favorite storybook characters and paraded around the school for the student body and parents. It was very Harry Potter-heavy, which made me happy. #potterfan.

Miss Girl was Peter Pan:

It is also Red Ribbon Week Nerd Day, so everyone got to dress up today.

I tried to get him to wear black tube socks but he wasn't having it.

What We've Been Up To: Strangely, not a lot. A nasty virus hit Team Skelley this month, curtailing most of our plans. We were worried that Little Kid would not be able to participate in the parade, but she rallied, although her cough medicine is making her lethargic. Our pediatrician said that there is not really anything you can do about it other than soldier through and hose your house down with Lysol. Since we have been quarantined, it was a great time for a room redo for Miss Girl's Bathroom. Coming next week!

We did get away to Asheville, just The Engineer and I:

We also had visits from Aunt Dana and Nana, and managed to make the church fall festival Sunday:

via teamskelley on Instagram

I knew that the festival had a "kingdom" theme, however it went straight over my head that everyone's costumes were supposed to be medieval-style. #fail

What I'm Working On: Veterans Week is almost here. Dum dum dum. I have said here before that the Rocket City is so patriotic that we cannot squeeze all of the festivities into one day, we have an entire WEEK. Which you can imagine how that plays out for an Army newspaper: Bananas. This week is the calm before the storm.

What I'm Dreading: I am really hoping that the weather is nice for trick or treating this year. We have not had a calm and easy Halloween in years -- it is either storming or I have been sick. I did consult my friend who works for the National Weather Service and unfortunately he is saying rain.

What I'm Excited About: Christmas! I know I know, I'm crazy. But for me, Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season, which is my favorite time of the year. When the local basset hound rescue posted that Michaels had a light up basset hound this year, my neighbor and fellow basset enthusiast Mary (Rocky Hound's mom) tagged me and I was all: YES. So now we both are the proud owners of this holiday festivity (I'd link it but it looks like it is now sold out online):
I know you want one. If you go, make sure you use your Michael's smartphone app to get the 40% off coupon. Even I am not paying $60 for a Christmas basset hound.

What I'm Watching: Confession -- nothing. I am watching nothing right now. The Engineer has been traveling a lot for work and I find when I am solo and the kids are in bed, I just crash and read. It's hard to write about his being gone because I try to keep the blog sunny and it could be so much worse -- he is only gone for weeks, not months -- but life is better when he is here. 

But I definitely know what we will be watching tonight:

7 pm Central! 

We did catch the Tracy Morgan SNL which was made of awesome and brought me back to college. Brian Fellow, Astronaut Jones ... even Woodrow made an appearance!

What I'm Reading: I have read several great books in October and some meh ones but if I had to pick a favorite it would be:

I found the premise to be so unique. It was a good book to curl up with during our never-ending rain this week. It is based on the novel, Daddy Longlegs, the 1912 novel by Jean Webster which I have not read myself, but have heard good things. Is this book perfect? No. Is it creative in a sea of the same? Yes. How much of that is Reay and how much of that is Webster I don't know, but if you want a book that strays from the typical contemporary romance and is well-written, try this out.

Check out my Goodreads for more reviews -- I am now also on Net Galley so I will probably be beefing up my reviews for the blog. Have you heard of NetGalley? It is a service that enables readers request advance copies of novels for review. I am intrigued. 

What I'm Wearing: Stitch Fix has saved my butt so many times. I am the world's worst about deciding the day before an event that I need something to wear. So then I go out and try to find the perfect piece in a store last minute. Stitch Fix has fixed that bad habit. The off the shoulder sweater that I wore to my high school reunion was Stitch Fix. I wore it with Kendra Scott's Danielle earrings:

They are sold out now in the Black Iridescent but I don't think you can go wrong with any of the colors. For a size reference, you can kinda see them in the Asheville pic above. I also found this shirt in Asheville and for the life of me I cannot figure out why JCrew put a wrinkled image on their website because it is 1000X cuter in person:

If you are in a JCrew, try it out, the laces elevates it from a standard, boring white tee.

These Jeans are also aces. I am very impressed with their quality for their price. You get a lot of bang for your buck with Vigoss. Confession: I am wearing them right now and I HATE tight jeans so you know that they are good.  My friend Deidre and I recently had a conversation at the ballpark about whether we were too old to wear distressed denim. Our verdict: No. What do you think? Is there an age limit on ripped jeans?

What I'm Doing This Weekend: Trick or treating! Bring on the Rolos!

What is my favorite Thanksgiving recipe? You mean to make or to eat? Because we all know that my culinary skills are not that impressive (although I did make sausage balls for The Engineer's office breakfast that were all the rage, apparently). I am looking forward to making our annual day after Thanksgiving homemade chex mix. It is an old Skelley family recipe, but I found it online: Here. The difference in ours is that we supersize it and use whole boxes of the ingredients and substitute cheesits for the bagel chips. Mmmm, chex mix. /Homer voice

Thanks for dropping by and Happy Wednesday ... err, Thursday!

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  1. Cutest Pan ever!!! Ahhh Asheville is calling me and I'm booked to be there for my birthday next weekend! Yay. Twenty year reunion? My 15th is was will be this year...um where did the year go? I doubt I attend though. Heading to Good Reads to find out about that book! Happy Thursday!!!

  2. I hope that the Engineer's travel schedule slows down soon. I completely understand the trials and tribulations of life as a career mom with a traveling spouse! Hang in there girl! I'm just down the road if you need any help!

    1. Thanks, gal! If we can just get through 2015, next year looks to be much calmer on that front. But you never know with that bunch over there ... ;)


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