Friday Favorites | Big Girl Bathroom Reveal

Wait a minute, weren't we just talking about new bathrooms Yesterday?

Confession: Miss Girl's bathroom redo has been complete for awhile but now that Veterans Week is in the books and life has calmed down at the newspaper, I had time to sit down and talk about her big girl bathroom. If you will remember the Before:

Like her Bedroom, I decorated her bath when we moved in 6.5 years ago and she was 18-months old. It was the perfect bathroom for a little girl but was ready for a fresh coat of paint and to be aged up since she is almost eight years old. So she and I worked together to create the perfect space that reflected her sporty, bright color-loving personality and this is what we came up with:

What we used:

Basically everything came from Target: the new double towel holder, the counter set and the white rugs. I did find her new orange and chartreuse (she really likes bright and bold colors) towels at HomeGoods on clearance. Bless her heart, she was using towels given to us as wedding gifts. We have been married for almost 14 years.

We did splurge on this wall art. I know that I went on a tangent in the powder bath post about my affinity for independent artists, but I am okay with mass market if I really like a piece. And the girl and I both really liked this Plank Art from Pottery Barn Teen. It just fit her to a tee (and it was on sale and I had an addition 15% off coupon code -- score).

We looked at  a lot of shower curtains, both online and in stores, but she fell in love with the This from Amazon, and I fell in love with the price.

The window above the bathtub made shooting the shower curtain tricky, I don't think I did the best job. I can say that we are huge fans of the curved shower rods, if you are in the market for a new one. It is amazing how much more shower space it creates.

The space over the toilet is a little blank and I am afraid that it swallows up this cute bookcase art from History in High Heels that Little picked out. It actually was lost in transit but Ashley was awesome to work with and overnighted another copy. Highly recommend. I do think that we will add a wall organizer or shelving to the space at some point.

She is all about painting her nails so I found this $12 organizer at HomeGoods and nailed it to the wall.

This paint job was actually part of the powder bath job, Tony is aces. For her new wall color we used China White, which is also the color of her bedroom. I have to admit that I am digging that both rooms are the same color, it gives it a suite-feel, although the bathroom does also open up to our rec room, so it functions as a guest bath too.

Because it is one of my favorite spaces along with our new powder bath, I am joining in with Friday Favorites. Thanks for dropping in and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Adorable! Now M wants a bathroom makeover -- complete with nail polish which she is not allowed to wear yet. I need to check your blog after her bedtime! It looks like a nice big girl bathroom! I need to get one of those rounded curtain rods for M's bathroom. They're all the rage in hotels right now and really add a lot of space to the shower / bathtub. I just haven't gotten around to it and since she's still basically in the bath only phase it hasn't been a priority. They are nice to have. The artwork is cute! You can't beat Pottery Barn (on a discount)!

    1. Thank you, Friend! They have the rounded rods at BB&B, for next time you are at Bridge Street!


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