One Room Challenge Week Five | Art with Heart Part Two

While most of the art for the powder bath's new gallery wall is moving from other rooms of the house, I do have a couple of new prints. I featured my new Deer last week and this week, I want to talk about a very special addition ...

(sneak peak of the new wall color!)

...which was created by my college mentor and very good friend Joyce Day. Joyce is responsible for opening my eyes to independent artists, but let's roll back about two decades. Joyce is responsible for opening my eyes to many a thing. I have written here before about college being the place that I learned to think outside of the box and these two were big players in that:

Joyce aka Mama Day, myself and my college BFF in 2012. Yes, I know that sounds girlie but Joe will just have to deal.

A few months ago when I was struggling with a challenge in my life, Mama D. sent me this message:

"I am proud of the woman you have become. I met a gangly, awkward, insecure girl twenty years ago. She has become an admirable wife, mother, and yes, writer. Love yourself and know that even when people don't clap their hands over your latest efforts, they smile at who you have become."

All these years later, she still teaches me lessons. 

More of Joyce's creations --

After years ... decades ... of championing other artists, I love seeing Joyce express her creativity into her own art. And I also love having a tangible piece of a very special friend in my home to remind me of her. Love you, Mama D.

So next week is the big reveal. If you want to read back through the first four posts of the six-week One Room Challenge:

Have a great weekend!


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