Scenes from Halloween 2015

For a third year, it was a waterlogged Halloween but we didn't let that deter us -- especially Big Kid, who reported back with the most candy that he has ever collected. But, they had no Rolos! Where are the Rolos?!?! Halloween is ruined.

Our Halloween, in photos -- first, the Prince of Darkness, himself.

Aunt D, Gramma & a little skunk came down for trick or treating but it was too rainy for them to get out. Since the Engineer had to be out of town for work, they got the cushy end of the deal and handed out candy while we braved the storm.


Dancing Queen. Gramma, who is a fan of the 70s, straightened Little's hair into an authentic 'do.

Very fitting.

For more Halloween festivities -- including an epic Flavor Flav impersonation and my attempt at recreating the magic of Cats in my bathroom with makeup from Dollar General, check out teamskelley on Instagram.

Happy Wednesday!


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