Thoughts on Thursday

Digging: My new Christmas blog theme that went live this week! It has been years since Team Skelley has been decorated for the holidays and I think this is my favorite holiday template yet. Thanks, Designer Blogs!

Reading: If you are looking for reading material and didn't see last week's review for The Fish Tale Series' The Man I Love and Give Me Your Answer True and yesterday's review of their sequel Here To Stay, definitely go check them out. #sogood #bookhangover

Watching: Nothing because our DVR is empty! It is strange to see. But I definitely know that we will be watching Mockingjay Part 1 and 2 over the holiday weekend. Who else is a Hunger Games fan? I have very mixed feelings about the last book so I waited until Part 2 was released to watch both movies. I know that there will be one part of the movie that I will take a strategic bathroom break. Finnick is my favorite character. You know what I am talking about.

Writing: Veterans Week is now behind us, whew! We are immensely proud of our Veterans Day and Heroes Week special edition and have received some rewarding feedback. You know that you have a winner when people request multiple copies of an issue. If you want to check out the newspaper that I am always nattering about --

Listening: To the Classic Christmas station on Pandora. Don't judge. I turned on the Christmas station this past weekend for my mom's 60th birthday Christmas shopping trip to Nashville. Just her and me, some Christmas tunes and a steady stream of coffee. We closed down Green Hills Mall Saturday night and crashed at the Brentwood Four Points Sheraton (recommend, lovely hotel). Fun fact: When the Titans are playing hotel rooms in Nashville go up at a minimum of $100 a night. We had breakfast of delicious crepes with the Bestie the next morning and were back at it. I put a serious dent in my Christmas list.

Happy Birthday Momma!

On our way up, we stopped at Cool Springs Galleria to check out the new American Girl store and holy cow was that place crazy! It was Black Friday crazy. If that is what the crowd was like on November 14, I shudder to think of what it will be on December 14. Be warned.

Appreciating: That I received a clean bill of health from the dentist yesterday! It is the first time in at least two years that a routine cleaning did not detect a larger problem. They did an individual X-ray of every tooth in my mouth and I worked myself into quite a lather worrying about what they would find. But my dentist said that everything looked good. In the past 14 months, I have had five crowns installed and last week between the Deployed Spouse Lunch and Veterans Day Breakfast, I had my third root canal. That was fun. (It was not fun.) I was so fuzzy-headed that poor Big Kid had to get me out of the car and bring me inside. But, I woke up early the next morning with no pain for the first time in a month! Let's hope that I will have a reprieve from the dentist for awhile, I -- and our bank account -- need it.

Eating: Pecan pie in a jar. 

Spread it over vanilla ice cream and it is to die for. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love this Christmasy theme!! I want to see Mocking Jay Part 2 but will wait a little til the crowds dissipate a bit. Will check out your book reviews!! Always looking for new reads!!

  2. I love your new design!! I decided the theme for one of our Christmas trees this year will be red with deer. I might print out your header and use it as a decoration. ;)


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