What's Up Wednesday? Holiday Edition

Joining up with my girl Mel for What's up Wednesday, the monthly blog buffet. I am actually posting this a day early (What? Early? Usually, I post two days late) because tomorrow we will be knee deep in tinsel and greenery. I can't wait.

What I'm Reminiscing About: I am not sure if it is reminiscing as much as it is trying to remember our Christmas decor and determine where everything is going this year. I like to switch it up every year. Previous Christmases --

This was actually our second live tree last year. Read more about our 2014 Christmas Calamity.

What I'm Loving: My mom gave me an early Christmas present last week and I have already worn it three times:

Cobalt blue is my favorite color. 

I am also loving Starbucks Holiday Blend KCups. Several stores have these in stock, but we found it at Costco.

What We've Been Up To: We have been celebrating birthday's -- last weekend I took Gramma to Nashville for a birthday shopping weekend and this past weekend, we celebrated Aunt Dana's birthday with a  dinner at her favorite restaurant. Other than that, it is holiday prep and Big Kid's basketball practices. And of course this is the busy season for the choir and we attended the Non-Holiday Holiday Choir Party at our director's home this past weekend. Lots of fun and football.

What I'm Working On: This week I am writing the upcoming holiday event guide for the Newspaper. I do it every year so it is not taxing, but it is time-consuming to gather all of the info. Huntsville always does the holidays up right with so many fun Christmas events every year, such as the Tinsel Trail, Galaxy of Lights, Skating in the Park and Santa's Village.

What I'm Dreading: I am not sure I am dreading anything to be honest. Testing my Christmas light strands? I might try to sweet talk the Engineer into overseeing that project.

What I'm Excited About: You know my answer to that! I am also excited to spend Thanksgiving Day with my father's side of the family, who are back in Tennessee and we only see once a year. And since this is the last What's Up before December, I can say that I am beside myself with excitement for The Force Awakens. The force is strong with the Skelley family. #starwarsnerds

What I'm Watching: I checked the holiday television schedule for the first time yesterday. Chiff is my goto website, I always install a bookmark on my computer so I can easily check the guide each day. The first one up on Nov. 30 is a family and Bestie fave:

What I'm Reading: Ah! So many good books lately. I am working on my list of top ten favorite books of 2015, but until then I have these to recommend:

This is a prequel novella to Happily Ever Ninja, which is to be released in January. I have talked about my love of the Knitting in the City series before on the blog, but I have to say this was the best one yet -- and that is really saying something considering Friends Without Benefits will be on my 2015 top ten books list. I absolutely loved Fiona and Greg. So funny, so witty, so much heart.

I know, I know, this violates my policy of not reading books with shirtless dudes on the cover. L.H. Cosway knows how to write angst without it tipping over into overwrought. Part of another series of which I am a big fan, King of Hearts is seamlessly woven into the other books. I recommend the entire series -- and make sure you read them in order, it is important. 

What I am wearing: I have two shoe reviews today and they are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. 

1. Aldo Genoni Pump

I am a big fan of pumps. They never go out of style, they are multifaceted and you can wear them year-round. While Nine West is still my first stop whenever I need to replace a worn out pair, the subtle studs on these caught my attention. Skirts, slacks, suits -- the light brown is versatile and the heel not too high. I find myself grabbing them off the shelf several times a week. 

1. Sketchers GoWalk

I have talked before about how we are lucky to be able to walk the kids to school every day. When it is warm, I usually just throw on a pair of flip flops, which look lovely with my work clothes. But now that the weather has turned cool, I needed a quick pair of comfy slip ons and I have to rave about these Sketchers. They are like walking on air. Not the sexiest pair of shoes, but worth it. I bought the tan but I am digging the coral above.

What I'm Doing This Weekend: We are headed to my mother's for Thanksmas. Because we are all so scattered and several of us have babies, we combine Thanksgiving and Christmas for one big celebration, complete with food, fun and a cutthroat game of Dirty Santa.

Scenes from Thanksmas past --

Yes, I have been known to dress them alike.

That is my "I just stole a gift card," face.

This month's question -- what is your favorite Christmas tradition?

That, is a tough question. How do I choose? I will have to say that my favorite holiday tradition is attending church on Christmas Eve. When I was a kid, my church always had a Christmas candlelight communion. It was that one quiet moment of peace during a hectic time that was a meaningful moment to worship the birth of Jesus. Our church today has a full service and the choir always sings -- a few years ago, I actually was the featured soloist and for someone with debilitating stage fright, that was not easy -- but I survived! We have a wonderful church full of the kindest souls and celebrating Christmas Eve with them is my favorite tradition.

Runners up: listening to Christmas music; making holiday chex mix the day after Thanksgiving; driving through our city's Galaxy of Lights, one of the Southeast's largest light displays created by the Huntsville Botanical Gardens; watching my favorite Christmas movie, Scrooged; egg nog; gingerbread; decorating my Disney tree (now in its 19th year!); Christmas cards ... I could go on and on.

Thanks for dropping by and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Your past Christmas Decorations are beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you! I am hoping to get the 2015 decorations up on the blog but first I have to get them up! It has rained nonstop for three days, argh!

  2. Love the Thanksmas idea! I just bought the holiday blend today :) Yum.

    1. I am really digging the holiday blend, it takes some getting used to (it has a fruity flavor?) but now I am addicted. Thank you for stopping by!


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