Christmas Home Tour 2015

December has my favorite blog hops of the entire year. I have always loved Christmas open houses and the blogger versions are even better because I can tour homes while enjoying a cup of coffee in my comfy chair. Holiday decorating is in my DNA. My mom always did our home up beautifully for the holidays and I learned at the feet of the merry master.

Come on in!

This is our fourth year with a real tree and while it is more upkeep, it has become a new tradition. Even the kids say that they prefer the real tree in the foyer to our family room tree which surprised me since that tree has all of their handmade ornaments. We found this 8-ft. tree at a local farmer's market and it was actually one of the smaller ones on the lot. Their trees were beautiful and healthy and they are definitely our goto from now on. I usually don't overload our real tree with ornaments since I don't like to cover up its natural beauty. I think this is our prettiest yet.

I went simple and rustic with our mantle this year. We have had these Ballard Design stockings forever. I love them. My husband thinks that they are strange. 

The snow village relocated to our room this year because of that pesky dog and his new lease on life. Fletcher the hound dog has lost around 25 lbs. and his new svelte shape has given him more energy to get into things and cause mischief. I did not trust him with the village in its previous home on our baker's rack in the den. Some dear friends gave us the snow village a couple of years ago and I have enjoyed perusing antique and thrift stores for additions.

I think this will be its permanent holiday home. 

Both kids beds are sporting their winter season flannel. Rupert the Elf brought Isabelle's Christmas outfit when he arrived the day after Thanksgiving. Our Land of Nod silver and gold bulb garland adorn her bed. Her tree topper is a mask that we brought back from New Orleans.

With the kid tree moving to our family rec room, the multi-colored tree went to Big Kid's room and Little has a new gold tree in her room. Little is all about decorating and was a big help with the ornaments on her tree and the family tree. She is quite the tomboy but is still all about her Barbie ornaments. Big said that he wanted a sports tree and I was very happy to put this together for only about $20. Most of the decorations came from his room or my stash. He pulled out some sports cards of which he had duplicates and I punched holes, hung hooks and voila! Instant ornaments.

There is a lot going on in this room. We have a sports tree; Peanuts characters and coordinating blanket; and flannel, winter sheets. I will cop to being a little sentimental as I looked over these pictures because this is Big's last Christmas in grade school and next summer, we will be redoing his room to reflect his new middle school stage. 

The Engineer's tree has so much Tennessee decoration that it looks more like a blob than a tree. But that is just fine because #23 in the bowl rankings! GBO.

The gifts were also relocated upstairs and away from the hound dog's reign of terror. This tree is our fun tree, full of handmade ornaments, photo ornaments and what have you. Christmas hippo? We've got it. Shrek? Yep. And of course, my favorite Bumble ornament. 

Every year, we set up our Christmas books in the family room.

I did take down the indoor basketball goal in the rec room because the close proximity of the Disney tree -- but only for December. Although the goal might *disappear* before January. Sometimes when a gaggle of tweens are playing, it seems like the whole house is shaking. I have already had a talk with Big about not using the rec room as a wrestling ring while our Disney tree is on the game table. After 19 years of collecting Disney ornaments, it is probably my most cherished holiday decor.

Handprint art is a large part of our decor this time of year. The snow globe was a souvenir from Little's and my last trip to see the Rockettes in Nashville. We planned to go again this year and were disappointed to find out that they will no longer be performing at Opryland.

I don't go too Christmas crazy in my office but do have a Nutcracker banner which I hang every holiday season.

Even the powder bath received a dose of merriment with holly and a Santa print added to the gallery wall.

We have so many small and sentimental decorations scattered all over -- to save this post from being 50 pictures long, I picked a few faves for a collage. 

This is our first year ever with fresh wreaths on the door and I admit that I am a little concerned. The front door faces the morning sun and I have already noticed parts of the wreaths turning brown, even though I have sprayed them down with water daily. I have a feeling that I will be adding greenery to them closer to Christmas. 

The kids are huge fans of Christmas lights but we have no tall trees and no one thinks that it is a good idea for me to be on our second story roof hanging lights, so the light stakes were a safer alternative. All of our landscaping lights are adorned with trimmings from our tree and a bit of plaid.

Our new addition to our holiday decor -- Santa Hound!

Late at night you can usually find me sitting in the dark beside one of our trees.

I will cop to having a lot of trees and getting everything out and up every year is usually a multi-day affair. I admit that I will probably be quite the grump on New Year's Day when we take it all down. (Even though my neighbor told me that there is a service that charges $50 an hour to take down all of your decorations. Tempted.) But I really do enjoy decorating and love this time of year. Everyone seems just a little kinder and the world a bit softer. I think we need that.

Thank you for dropping by and Merry Christmas! 


  1. Your house looks so festive. That real tree is gorgeous and I love how you decorated your son's tree. What a great idea!

    1. Thanks! This is definitely our prettiest tree that we have ever had. And it was one of their smaller ones. There were a few Clark Griswold trees that tempted me but would probably take over the entire foyer!

  2. Wow I absolutely LOVE your Christmas decorations and the sports tree is awesome! I Wish I had thought of things like that for my kids when they were young. Makes me sad that I didn't - LOL

    1. Thank you! I will confess to having a little help from Pinterest for inspiration. :D

  3. You are an incredible decorator!!!

    Love it!


    1. Thank you Suzanne! I definitely enjoy it. Each year I try to mix it up just a little to stay fresh without spending a ton of $$$. Usually, I just change up the ribbon and wrapping paper to make it all new. I appreciate your kind comment.

  4. Very pretty! I love all of your trees.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I think about adding a tree with this or that decor but then I have to draw the line! But a jewel-tone tree would be pretty ... :)

  5. I really like all of the trees! Every part of your home is festive!

    1. Thank you. I tried to not go too Christmas Cray!

  6. Your home truly shows that holiday decorating is in your DNA (just like in mine)! Enjoyed seeing your beautiful home and your super fun trees! Thank you for sharing your Holiday home in the 12 days of Christmas Blogger Tour Link Party!

  7. oh i love the kids rooms! so beautiful and happy! and my husband would love it if i created a tennesee vols tree for him! :)

  8. Loving all of your decorations and all of your trees!! I think my fav is how you spelled Joy in the family room tree. Such a great idea, may have to try that sometime.


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