Christmas Ornaments 2015

I like to write about the newest ornamental additions to our Christmas tree each year, mainly as a record of their origins for the kids. Okay, and for me when I inevitably forget. I always try to pick up an ornament when we travel and these from 2015 are some of my favorite yet.

Disney World, January 

St. Louis, June

Asheville, October

And I picked this up at Container Store for no reason other than I am a sucker for miniature Christmas decorations. One year when I had the flu during Christmas, I spent a week in the storage room above my mom's gift shop  recuperating and making Christmas decorations for my Barbie Dream House. This ornament reminded me of then.

It's a very plaid Christmas this year. 

But my very favorite new ornament is this handprint ornament that Little Kid made at school. 

As I write this, I am sitting here by the light of the Christmas tree watching Scrooged in the dark. It doesn't get any better than this. 

Happy Festivus!

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