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We had a very weather-eventful Christmas last week and unfortunately it is not over as the Tennessee Valley is under a severe weather watch again today. Before the bad weather arrived, we did get to the Tinsel Trail with the Bestie.

The Tinsel Trail is a holiday event in downtown Huntsville where local businesses decorate trees that line the pond in Big Spring Park. This year, they had over 250 trees and they were quite elaborate. The newspaper usually participates but we sat out this year.

We barely made it to the Galaxy of Lights the following evening. We were lucky because they closed it down the next night due to inclement weather. Unfortunately, our nursing home music ministry also was cancelled for the same reason.

We enjoyed a blessedly storm-free Christmas Eve with my family coming down for the afternoon before we headed to our Christmas Eve services at church. Do you know what happens when you get to church early to get a good seat on Christmas Eve? The pastor sweet talks you into helping with communion and acolyting. I was in the choir loft so I had a guaranteed good seat.

Christmas Eve is always my favorite service of the year.

Christmas Eve festivities

Somebody got a selfie stick for Christmas!

We are all ready for Santa with our new matching American Girl jammies.

And our traditional sugar cookies from Gramma.

We woke to a very rainy Christmas morning. The Engineer liked his new Raybans (that I bought for him after borrowing his old pair and losing them). 

I always wrap the kids and Engineer's gift in special wrap and put them out on Christmas Eve so certain nosy people do not try to peel open a side to see what it is inside. Last year was Christmas Mickey Mouse and this year? Star Wars, natch.

He didn't know what to think about his earwax kit. It is a running joke that the kid never cleans his ears, but this is actually a gag box that I found at Target. It was actually a glider ball inside.

When the roads began to flood that morning, the sheriff asked all Madison County residents to stay in their houses. We were disappointed to postpone our celebration at my sister's, but no one wanted to wash away on Christmas! 

The roads dried off enough for us on Dec. 26 to make our annual trip to The Engineer's hometown in West Tennessee.

I was excited because it was my first time meeting my sister-in-law's cat, Henry! Isn't he handsome as he prepares to attack some wrapping paper?

We have enjoyed several days of good food and lots of games while the weather outside was frightful.

We still tried to have a merry Christmas, even if we weren't able to spend it with all of our loved ones. Parts of our county are still flooded, including parts of Redstone Arsenal where both The Engineer and I work, and our dog park a couple of miles from our house. Speaking of flooding, I also managed to break The Nana's toilet while we were here and flooded the bathroom. That is a special Christmas memory that I will cherish always.

I hope that you had a much drier holiday celebration!

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  1. I am glad y'all were safe. The weather was crazy. The parents went through Holly Springs 20 minutes before the one there hit.


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