Friday Faves: Star Wars Edition

I am sitting down on a Saturday to write this because I needed to gather my thoughts after seeing The Force Awakens yesterday afternoon. Needless to say as our kitchen bulletin board showed yesterday, I was very excited --

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Now, that I have had time to think about it -- my wig was completely blown off by TFA. I have never agreed with the scifi nerd perspective that you can only like Star Wars or Star Trek, I don't take sides. But while I will say that I was incredibly excited to watch JJ Abrams reboot Star Trek (it really, really needed it), I was beside myself when The Engineer broke the news that he was doing the final trilogy. I never thought that it would happen, and I was not sure that I wanted it to happen after the prequels. The Engineer and I were not of the opinion that the prequels were the worst movies ever but I was afraid that it was not possible to recapture the movie magic of the original trilogy.

I. Was. Wrong.

Don't worry, I will keep this spoiler free. We are a family that loves Star Wars. I have written about that often here. My post-college apartment had this poster on the living room wall:

That was pre-Engineer, although a couple of years later on our first date, somehow we started talking about our favorite movies and I think that my naming of Star Wars was what ensured that there would be a second date. There was a lot of bad about Episode 1, but like Anakin Skywalker, there was good too. The soundtrack was amazing. It was on constant rotation in my car in 1999.

So let's get to it. My five Friday faves, Star Wars-style.

...1... The movie itself: WHOA.

We had high expectations. I mean, ridiculously high. My favorite filmmaker + one of my favorite movie series (Harry Potter edges it out, but just barely)? I have been a JJ fan way back since Felicity and Alias is one of my all-time favorite television shows. I knew that this would be great but I did worry that it would not meet my expectations. Keeping it spoiler-free, I will say that I bawled. So much that my kids are still making fun of me. Somehow JJ has done the impossible and made a movie that is both fresh and pays homage to the original series. The new cast, especially Daisy Ridley, is outstanding. The old cast is still pitch-perfect. The final scene will give you goosebumps. The balance of action and story was on point, one of my criticisms of the prequel. And JJ did a great job of capturing the feel of Star Wars and not relying too heavily on CGI, another prequel pitfall.

...2... Star Wars-themed Christmas cards from 2010

May the force be with your holiday season.

...3... Star Wars pumpkins

Princess ... I mean General Leia Pumpgana

...4... Star Wars family fun

More Star Wars fashion.

Little Kid chilling with a Jawa at the Star Wars Exhibit at the U.S. Space & Rocket Ctr. in 2010.

2001: Star Tours at Disney World: don't judge, it was very hot that day and my hair curls in humidity.

5. My final fave -- experiencing The Force Awakens with my family.

I connect Star Wars to some very pivotal people and important moments in my life. I saw my first Star Wars movie with my dad when I was five. I know that I have said before that Return of the Jedi was my first movie in a theater and I have to be honest, it was actually my second. The year before, Dad took me to ET and I did not like it. At all. I am lucky that he was able to get me back into a theater to watch Return of the Jedi but when I walked out, I was a convert. Return of the Jedi was the movie that started my lifelong love of the movie experience.

I saw The Phantom Menace opening night in Nashville with The Bestie, natch, who is also a Star Wars/Star Trek super fan. The Engineer and I saw Attack of the Clones in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a couple of weeks after we returned from our honeymoon. He and I saw Revenge of the Sith the weekend before Big Kid turned one.

Sitting in the theater yesterday with the most important people in my life and knowing that they were also fans and as excited as I was (Little Kid really was excited, her brother was just teasing her during this photo) -- that was my very favorite.

I know what you are thinking but that is a cool hat. And it kept my head warm while battling the bacterial infection that kicked my butt this week.

We already have plans to see it again.

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