Leopard Barstool Refresh

Hello! I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged but last week was chock full of Thanksgiving and Christmas activities -- family, eating, decorating, eating, travel, eating, eating ... and then eating leftovers. My pecan pie was a spectacular fail, unless you enjoy drinking your pie. I will spare you the dozens of pictures that my Facebook friends had to look at and share my favorites.

My main squeeze.

The weather was so nice that we had both family gatherings outside. My mother's family's event is a Christmas/Thanksgiving combo that we started doing years ago when my generation started having kids and everyone scattered due to school and careers. I think this is the first time I have ever opened Christmas gifts outside.

Little sporting her Gramma's boots.

It is always a balm for my soul to see the extended families back home in Tennessee every Thanksgiving. I wish we were able to see them more.

It is December and for some reason I feel like every post should be about the holidays for this entire month, but before I get Christmas Crazy, I want to share a quick upholstery project that The Engineer and I did last week.

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and thought, "I like it, but if it were leopard, I would love it." No? Okay, fine. When we built the house, I found the perfect bar stools on clearance at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $65. Yes, I remember how much I paid for a set of barstools seven years ago but I cannot remember Little's parent teacher conference. Most days, the kids eat their breakfast at the bar so after seven years, they were pretty funky. I tried to clean the upholstery -- no luck. I ordered a heavy-duty cleaner and tried a second time, nope. I decided that they just needed a fresh look, but taking them apart was going to be a two-man job so I sweet-talked The Engineer into disassembling them during his Thanksgiving vacation.

The Before.

The one was actually the cleaner one -- it had one stain while it's match had three.

I have no during photos but just imagine two barstools in pieces lying on our kitchen table. I ran into a quandary: my staple gun was out of staples. And I was too lazy busy to run out for more, so I pulled out my spray adhesive (found at any craft store) that I use for everything -- seriously, you have to get some of this -- and sprayed those bad boys down. It actually works very well. I cannot assure longevity but the frame is so tight, I do not believe there is any room for the fabric to loosen.

Voila! Forgive the photos, I actually took them at 4 p.m. but it was overcast and almost dark. 

Total project cost $7. 

You will notice that the leopard is horizontal on one stool and vertical on the other. If you are picky about such things then you need to be aware, I was just so happy to get them recovered that I did not care. I will include a full room photo in the Christmas home tour on Monday. But first, after looking at the Before picture, I shall scrub our couch. Basset hounds really bring the funk and I'm not talking about George Clinton.

If you are entertaining this holiday season and your chairs have seen better days, consider a fresh fabric and spray adhesive. if I can do it, you definitely can.

Happy December!

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