Thoughts on Thursday: Holiday Edition

Decorating: I am just about done with decorating -- three days of nonstop rain there a wrench in my plans. Big Kid's sports tree needs work and I have to revamp the front door wreaths. I have always wanted a double wreath for the door and finally decided this year was the year. However, I have now found that if you use ribbon to hang a fresh wreath from another fresh wreath, the heaviness will stretch it out. The top wreath now resembles more of a 0 than an O. Doh.

iPhone sneak peeks:

I don't hang a ton of ornaments on our real tree because I do not like to cover up their natural beauty. This 8-ft. pretty came from the local farmer's market, as did our front door wreaths.

Even Big Horn dresses up for the holidays.

Watching: My kids love to watch Home Alone at Christmastime, but strangely this year I cannot find it anywhere. It is not streaming on Netflix and not on the holiday TV guide. So I think I am going to have to break down and buy the DVD this weekend.

Shopping: Also on tap for the weekend, Little and I will be venturing out to do a little shopping. I am finishing up my Christmas shopping -- about 80% done -- but overnight the girl seemed to grown three inches and nothing fits. And I am not exaggerating for effect, literally nothing fits. I have learned the hard way not to buy her clothes without consulting her, so we will both be shopping for shirts and pants, and hopefully finishing up our list too.

Writing: The newspaper is about to be on hiatus so we have started to slowly wind down. My holiday event guide made the front page yesterday so you know it was a slow Thanksgiving week.

Listening: To the dog get in the garbage can. Somehow he snuffed out that I had thrown out a package of stale hotdog buns and became a man obsessed. At 3:45 a.m. I thought Santa had arrived early. Or a burgler.

Singing: I was tapped to sing in an ensemble for our choir cantata and I am rather excited. I have terrible stage fright when I sing solos but ensembles are my jam. Plus, it is "Christmas Angels" from my favorite Christmas album, "It's a Wonderful Christmas," by Michael W. Smith, which is a staple in my car every holiday season. 

If you have not heard the whole album, you must check it out. 

Happy Thursday!

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