A Softball Soiree

Yesterday afternoon, we threw our first softball-themed birthday party for Miss Girl! She played her first season this fall and absolutely loved it so when it came time to start planning her eighth birthday party, she asked for the following: softball+class friends+roller skating+yellow (her fave color). So it was up to Mom here to combine those things into some sort of birthday aesthetic.
I was lucky to find Our Secret Place and these incredibly cute invites to provide inspiration for our yellow softball skating party. Lisa was awesome to work with -- I highly recommend.

We held her party at Insanity Complex in the yellow room, naturally. They provided the pizza and we brought the cookie cake. Because it is not a Skelley party without cookie cake.
I wish that I had pulled the cookie cake out but in the typical melee of a kids birthday party, it was left in the box.

There was a lot of yellow. When we do a theme, we beat it into the ground apparently. It felt like we were having our party in a giant lemonhead. Gramma even color-coordinated.
I picked up the baseballs at Party City and added baseball ribbon and scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. I probably should have rethought a table centerpiece that rolled.
We stuffed them full of pizza, cookie cake, froyo and punch and then sent them out to roller-skate. We like to live on the edge.
The complex is really quite nice with skating, a huge arcade, a rock climbing wall and concession stand. The older boys were in heaven.
This kid bankrupted a game machine -- twice.
The party favors were probably our simplest and theme-compliant favors ever. White bags plus red sharpie equals ball bags. Gramma was in charge of tissue. Once again, we could not have pulled the party off without her. Thank you, Mom!
Quick tutorial -- If you can even call it that:
If you need a ball-themed goody bag for a team or party, it just does not get easier than this. All you need are bags and a red sharpie. I admit that we played fast and loose with the softball theme, interchanging baseballs here and there. But you can definitely do this with a yellow bag, I picked these up at Party City and yellow was available.

We filled them full of softball-themed goodies and games, including plastic softballs filled with Big League chew (also at Party City) and blow up bats and balls, which the kids love. 

Amazon Prime saves the day, again!

We ended up with five left at the end of the party and my mom suggested that we hand them out to kids in the arcade as we left and I have to tell you, it was so much fun. They were perplexed at why this random woman was handing them a goody bag but it wasn't a hard sell.

 I love planning parties but it when the actual party date arrives I am usually a ball of nerves. Especially for Little's parties because she has not had the same run of good luck as her brother. For her first birthday, most of the guest list was sick with a stomach virus and on her fifth birthday pool party ... We Had No Pool. But this one could not have gone any better. Insanity was wonderful, very helpful and we had a fun, sweet bunch of kids. This was her first elementary school party where she invited her class and I did not know all of the parents. The kids were all a pleasure to be around and so cute and fun and the parents were lovely. It really turned out well and Little was all smiles the entire time.

My work here is done.


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