Friday Faves | Shopping Edition

It has been awhile since I have done a "Stuff Katie Likes" post so it looks like today is the day. If you have some Christmas cash burning in your pocket or a gift card, I am an expert at spending gift cards. It's my talent.

No affiliate links (I use Amazon affiliate links from time to time but I am not feeling it this morning) = no compensation for this post other than you hopefully finding a fun splurge or a good after Christmas deal. We went to Kohls over the holiday break to buy Big a pair of Nikes and we walked out with a cobalt blue pair for $13! Even the two sixth grade boys with me were awed by that shopping super deal.

Let's get our shop on.

1. Jessica Simpson Mandalaye flats
I was at a cookout at a neighbor's a couple of years ago and another guest had the cutest pair of ballet-style shoes. I have coveted them ever since and when I needed a pair of black flats this fall, I was able to snatch them up on eBay for a steal. I know some people side eye eBay for shoes because returns often aren't easy, but I am lucky that I am a solid nine across the board with a slightly narrow foot so I don't return shoes for sizing issues often. My only negative is that I have very long toes so there is a little toe cleavage going on. It doesn't bother me, but if it does you and you have long toes, they probably are not for you. These are a great alternative to the boring black flat. I slip them on when I can't make myself put on heels. If black is not your jam, they come in a variety of colors.

2. Beats wireless earbuds
I am already in love with my Beats earbuds which were my Christmas gift from The Engineer. I tuck my phone in my pocket while walking Fletch and they keep my hands free. I also no longer accidentally yank my iPhone off the elliptical machine with my earbuds cord, which was a shattered screen waiting to happen. And the quality is better than Bose. I can't believe I am saying that but it is true.

3. Margaret M Slimming Pants
These pants are magic. They arrived from Stitch Fix in my December fix and I tried them on after eating my weight in chicken tenders at Zaxbys. Even though I was a chicken-stuffed hot mess, I looked as though I had automatically lost five lbs. They work!

4. Ugg slippers
Guest review from the Gramma who received a pair for Christmas from her super awesome oldest daughter: "My slippers are the most luxurious, yummy slipper mules I have ever owned. They were snug at first but my foot is wide. Have already stretched to perfect fit! My rec: BUY." There you go, folks.
I am on the fence about my own Ugg slippers. I like that they have a hard bottom because I have to be able to wear them outside -- I like to clomp around the yard and take out the garbage and get the mail. Okay, and wear them to the gas station on the corner close to our neighborhood. They are very soft and fluffy -- Big Kid tried to steal them last night as we now wear the same size -- but also very stiff so I would say try them out first and see if they float your boat.

5. JCrew socks
Socks, you say? Socks aren't fun to buy. Au contraire. These socks are, with their myriad of colors and patterns. My mom gave me several pairs for Christmas and they do improve any outfit. Plus, the quality is top-notch. We might have snow next week so thick, warm socks are essential at this time of year.

6. Urban Decay mascara
Another beauty tip from our copy editor and beauty guru Kelley. This mascara is fantastic. I am already a fan of UD's eye shadow and this compliments it perfectly. I have very thin and very blonde eye lashes. Perversion gives me color and thickness without the gloppy spider look.

7. Nick & Nora pajamas
These pajamas are everything! If I could wear them all the time I would. They are super soft, yet not thick so I do think that they will work throughout spring. I have worn them so many times, my family was starting to give my looks. Yes Skelleys, I promise I will wash them before wearing them again. If you need pjs, go get in your car, drive straight to Target and buy these right now. Right now! You can toast me with a skinny vanilla latte at the in-house Starbucks. Mmmm, coffee, I need another cup. BRB.

8. Boys pajama pants
Okay, I'm back. While doing laundry the other day, I checked out the sizing on all Big Kid's pajama pants which were looking like high waters. Yup, they were size 8-10. He will be 12 in a few months. Luckily Nordstrom was running a sale on plaid pj pants. You would be surprised how difficult it is to find tween size pajamas for boys. These are soft and will work nicely for his weeklong field trip in a few months. I know he does not care but his mom cares that he not wear cut off shorts four sizes too small to Space Camp. Can you believe that they are going to Space Camp? When I was his age we thought a fun field trip was walking to Pizza Hut.

Happy weekend! Now go forth and shop!

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  1. I will have to check out those pants. I am giving myself two months of working out before I think of buying any clothes.


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