I Am Eight!

Eight years ago, these two met for the first time. 

I have seen that look on both of their faces many, many times in the last eight years when dealing with each other. While they argue and bicker and tattle and taunt, they are the heart of Team Skelley and the inspiration for why I named the blog such. Because they are truly a team, they have a comfort and familiarity with each other that they don't have with anyone else in the world. They are always at ease with each other. And they don't fight -- oh, they argue but it would never cross their minds to try to hurt each other. I am very thankful for that.

On this 17th day of January, I think back to that day eight years ago which as birthing babies goes, was really quite calm and easy. Don't throw anything at me -- we went through the wringer with her older brother. She was exactly what we needed. We are hitting more waves as she inches towards tweendom, Little is very opinionated and discerning about every little thing. I don't know where she gets it from.

While we butt heads sometimes, Little still astounds me with her kindness, her poise, her big heart and her giving spirit. Her teachers love her, her friends look to her as a leader, her dog sees her as his goto snuggler and her brother grudgingly admits that she is "not bad."

Her mom and dad think that she is an amazing little girl and her addition to our family completed us in ways that we did not even know we were missing. She is our joy.

Happy eighth birthday, ALS! We love you.

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