Quick Cold Weather Beauty Tip

Hello! I have been scarce over here in the last week and thankfully it is not because of any sickness, I just have not had anything to share. After seven years of blogging, sometimes my inspiration well runs dry and I decided awhile back that I would no longer publish filler. Also, I am knee deep in our next special issue for the newspaper and also planning Little Kid's birthday party, so most of my brain power has been devoted to those projects. When it comes to brain power, I have to conserve what I can.

Today I am sharing a quick beauty tip for those of you who have dry skin. After an unseasonably warm holidays, it is finally winter in the Rocket City and last week my skin reflected it. Lines were more prominent around my eyes and my face had that dry, tight feeling. So, as I often do when I have a personal beauty question, I asked our copy editor Kelley what I should do. Her solution: honey mask.

So I coated my face with honey and sat down to watch an episode of Making a Murderer:

I have creepy long fingers.

Let me tell you blog peeps, it worked! My skin was so soft afterwards and the next morning my makeup went on smoother and did not soak into the lines on my face like it does when I have dry skin. And it did not cause any breakouts, which I am always concerned about. What I liked about it is that I did not have to order it, run out to get it or spend any money. Most of us have honey on hand and it is a quick fix if you are short on time. One piece of advice: pull all of your hair away from your face -- even wisps. Otherwise you will have piece of hair stuck to your face and gooey afterwards. Learned that the hard way -- as I often do.

Also, a bonus tip to share from my savvy friend -- if you are experiencing redness or breakouts on your body, soak in an oatmeal bath. Sometimes I break out if I have been working out and sweating. I also have rashes on my chest from time to time. The oatmeal bath takes it away immediately. She is a genius. It is like having my own personal beauty expert on call. 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. So just put honey straight on your face??! You should see how dry my skin is!!


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