Five Friday Faves | Billy Joel Edition

So I am obsessed with the Billy Joel station on XM satellite radio. Not only does it play his hits, but it also plays some of his more obscure songs -- and behind the scenes interviews with how those songs came to be. Just the other day, Don Henley was on and counted down his top ten favorite Billy Joel songs. Don Henley and Billy Joel together? Musical nirvana. I am so sad that it is a limited time channel that ends Sunday.

We saw Billy Joel in concert in Nashville in 2007 and it was one of the best concerts of my life. Top three, definitely. I love when an artist is just as good live as on their record. If you have the opportunity to see him live, take it. I am hoping to catch his tour this year.

Before the concert

We saw his Broadway play, "Movin' Out" in 2003 and it was just amazing. I think I sat through the entire show with a dopey smile on my face.

So today, I am listing my top five favorite Billy Joel songs. Hopefully you will find a new tune to add to your playlist.

Top Five

5. A Matter of Trust: I wore out Greatest Hits Vol. 3 in college.

4. Allentown: I love how he can craft a song with meaning that is also a perfect pop song.

3. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant: I will admit to liking parts of this seven-minute song better than others, but when he brings it back around at the end with the sax, I can't help but smile. Musically ambitious, but he nailed it.

2. Vienna: It is serendipity that this song is featured in one of my favorite movies, "13 Going on 30." 

Drum roll...

1. State of Grace: I love the choices Joel makes with the chords and how he does not go the obvious route. I think this song showcases his musical brilliance probably more than any other.

Most romantic song (since it is Valentine's weekend): Surprisingly, not Just the Way You Are, that has been played to death. If you want truly romantic, it would be And So It Goes or This is the Time.
Big Kid favorite: Pressure. He used to bounce in his car seat to it when he was a baby.
Honorable mention/Little Kid favorite: The Downeastern Alexa, for obvious reasons.
Best song live: Zanzibar

Confession: I can't listen to Goodnight Saigon because I cry every time.

Any other Billy Joel fans? What is your favorite song?

Happy weekend! Thank you for stopping by -- I think only about ten people ever read my music posts but they are among my favorites to write. Try to stay warm with the polar vortex once again upon us.

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