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Today's post is the fluffiest of the fluff, but they all can't be a scathing commentary on the human existence. You: Have you written a scathing commentary on the human existence previously, Katie? Me: Well, no. But it could happen. If I were to write a scathing anything, it will be about the state of modern politics. But it's Friday. I try not to rant furiously on Friday. Let's put imaginary debates behind us and talk about nail polish.

I made one true New Years resolution this year and that was to paint my nails more often. I paint my toenails year round, a habit left over from my yoga instructor years, but rarely painted my fingernails due to all of the typing that I do, which shreds my nails. I will be honest about my change of heart, I am painting my nails more simply out of vanity. As I inch closer to forty, my hands look older. Veiny. Not good.

My top five favorite nail polish, links to all at the bottom of the post -- the gold is no longer available but I have found an almost identical shade:
As you can see, I am brand loyal to OPI and I like color. I don't try to match my color to my outfit, that's too labor intense. I mostly match according to my mood. I wear the above colors all year, with the midnight blue being my "edgy" color.

One more to share -- this is my honorable mention/winter fave:
I am wearing glitterland right now. I find it to be curiously demure for gold glitter:
I am wearing break a leg-warmer on my toes but felt a little weird about putting a foot photo on the internet. Stay away, weird foot fetish dudes!

Unexpected side benefit to painted nails: The Engineer really likes them. Who knew? Fifteen years together (next month!) and we are still learning things about each other.

Happy weekend! If you have a favorite color you recommend, please leave a comment here or via social media. I am always looking for new colors. And if you are over from Friday Favorites, welcome! The blog is decorated for Valentine's Day right now, it is all very shmoopy.

Edited to add: I struck out on finding Break a Leg-warmer, but it could possibly still be available in Sephora stores. It is the perfect grey if you come across it, snatch it up!

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  1. Love O.P.I.! I got a pedicure with my Mom last week & have O.P.I.'s "Ladies and Magenta-men" on my toes! It's a pinkish red. Perfect for February!

    1. I just googled it, love it. Totally picking that one up -- you are right, it is tailor-made for Valentine's Day!

  2. I love the OPI color in my toes right now! Malaga Wine..it's not as dark on my toes as it is in the bottle but a great red for February. I jazzed it up with essie effects sparkles! :) Have a great weekend!!


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