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I enjoy participating in the Momfessional blog hops because after seven years of blogging, sometimes the idea well runs dry. I need a little help and these blog prompts get my creativity flowing, especially on days that the newspaper has used up all of my brainpower.

Today's topic: What is the way to your heart?

Fits in rather nicely with my new Valentine blog theme. (Thanks, Designer Blogs!)

I have said before that we are both first-born kids and independent souls. So what happens when two self-sufficient, not overly romantic individuals meet? Well, M. and I got along like a house on fire. I think we both knew very early in our dating relationship that this was it for both of us. Because when you are an independent person who really does not mind being by yourself and you meet someone who you actually want to spend all of your time with -- you know that is special and not something that you find very often. 

Gift receiving is really not my love language but I absolutely love to travel, so anytime The Engineer proposes a trip -- with kids or sans -- I am pulling my suitcase out of the closet. Many of my best memories of are of us traveling together. Next month, we will celebrate 15 years together and after two years, three dogs, two states, three houses, several jobs, even more hairstyles, I don't know how many cars, thousands of days spent together and some apart as The Engineer's job takes him around the world -- I can truly say today that the way to my heart is through:


There is not much I enjoy doing more than laughing with The Engineer. Making him laugh might slightly edge it out though. And it is usually little things like funny text messages or emails, but they make my day happy. We have an eleven-year-old son and our main mode of communication with him is sarcastic humor. There is nothing more that I love than cracking wise with The Engineer and the kids.

And going places. Best yet, cracking jokes while traveling with this crazy bunch. That is the way to my heart.
Great Wolf Lodge, Cincinnati 

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