Simple Slipcover Tip

The chair in our bedroom has seen better days. 
It is 10 years old and used to be red, but now is a nice maroon-ish pink due to fading. It is also huge and heavy. So big that when we moved in our house and the movers carried it in the room, they took a chunk out of our bedroom doorway. So needless to say as shabby without the chic as it is, The Engineer and I were not looking forward to removing it. Plus, it is really comfy and the perfect reading nook chair.

So instead of replacing it I decided to slipcover, only it is so overstuffed regular chair slipcovers do not fit. I found This loveseat cover at Target and crossed my fingers that it would work -- for that price, I would tuck and fold wherever need be. And it fit! Only the matching canvas ties gave it a very college apartment look so to give it a custom vibe, I replaced the canvas ties with silk ribbon ($4 at HobLob).
Add a striped throw from Ikea and a leopard pillow that I have had for at least 15 years (I loved leopard before it became all the rage) and voila! A quick and easy update that anyone can do.
It is also a favorite chair of another member of the family. You know you aren't supposed to be up there, hairball. 

Happy Wednesday!

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