Team Skelley Reviews: Cuisinart Advantage Knife Set

I am not really one to shill on the blog very often. I do like to post reviews and sometimes I link up Amazon affiliate links, but most of the time I just like to share stuff I like. Today, I have something that I am really digging, its only $15 and if you are sitting there thinking, "You know I could really use a new knife set," this is for you.

I won these in Christmas Dirty Santa (along with a Charlie Brown blanket, Dirty Santa was especially lucrative this year) and I am obsessed with them. They are sharp enough to cut your hair -- don't try to cut your hair, are a great deal on Amazon right now and are colorful and cheerful. My cousin the chef recommended them to his mom, my Aunt Peggy, and she loved her set so much she chose them to be her Dirty Santa gift. They made the rounds a few times in the game but I was able to snatch them from a relative and hold on tight.

They definitely deserve the 4.5 stars and the #1 bestseller rating on Amazon right now. That being said, they are huge. I like that as I have big, long hands and find them easy to use but if you prefer a smaller knife, they might be a bit large (although they are very light). Also, if you are a culinary master, these are probably not going to be the knives that you pass down to your descendants. I am okay with that. I just want a good set of knives that are sharp, easy to handle and fun to use. These fit the bill overwhelmingly.

These get the Team Skelley seal of approval!

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