Thoughts on Thursday | Valentine Edition

Wearing: Yesterday I walked around all day in my wool dress coat with a big coffee stain on the front, not realizing it until around 3pm in the afternoon. Yay for professionalism! But that is not Valentine-related. This hoodie that has become one of my gym staples might be slightly more theme-appropriate.

At least it is red. If you need a light-weight hoodie and have long arms, this is for you. So often coat sleeves are too short on me. This hoodie actually has sleeve to spare, which is luxurious for my lanky arms.

Writing: About FootGolf. Have you heard of FootGolf? It is the new hybrid sport at the installation golf course. That is one of the things that I enjoy the most about my job -- I never know what I will be writing about. This year so far, I have interviewed a poet, written a feature on a classical pianist performing a tribute concert for her late Soldier husband, talked with a gaggle of teen girls who built a really cool model city and today -- FootGolf.

So that wasn't theme-related either. I am not doing very good today.

Recommending: If you need a new nail polish for Valentine's Day, OPI Big Apple red is your color.
I just picked it up at Target yesterday and then my stylish friend Meghan posted a picture today of her wearing the same color. Great minds think alike.

Reading: Today, in honor of the holiday, I am recommending one of my favorite romance books.

If you want shmoopy and overwrought, this is not it. If you want a book with heart, humor and one kickass heroine, Kulti brings all three. This book is very subtly romantic with a slow burn, but the journey is so enjoyable you would not want it any other way. It's a book that I re-read every few months because it is just that good. 

Watching: Big Kid is playing in the championship basketball game this weekend. And one of his good buddies is on the opposing team -- I think I am more nervous than he is. I realized the other day for the kids last three sports seasons, they were on championship teams. Which is fun for them but when that eventual losing season arrives, it will be interesting how they handle it. It is hard to see them lose, but sometimes I think they learn more from losing than they do winning. 

Prepping: Valentines cards. 
Once again, my girl Mel @ The Larson Lingo to the rescue. If you need last-minute cute cards, look no further than her Free Printables. We gave the kids' teachers nail polish for Valentine's Day and I thought Mel's "I'm Stuck On You!" printable was perfect.

Happy Thursday!

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