What's Up, February?

Time for a look back at all things February!

What We're Eating This Week: Way too many Girl Scout cookies. But they are so tasty. Have you had their new toffee cookie? Pure heaven in a dessert. If you get the chance, you must try one (or twelve, which is how many I usually eat in a sitting). As such, I have also been spending more time at the gym working off my cookie addiction.

What I'm Reminiscing About: Valentines Days past.


We were unable to make it out Valentine's weekend so The Engineer and I celebrated this past Sunday with dinner at B.J.'s Restaurant and Brewhouse and a showing of Deadpool (which was profanely hilarious) in our annual tradition of seeing the most non-romantic movies possible for Valentine's Day. Last year was Kingsmen: The Secret Service, also very bloody, but entertaining.

What I'm Loving: This might be off the beaten path, but I really enjoy the pomp and circumstance aspects of my job. I love attending ceremonial events. Monday, the staff attended a ceremony at Army Materiel Command headquarters and as part of it, we sang both the AMC Song and the Army Song. I love the tradition and the history of it all. 

What We've Been Up To: After a thrilling championship game, in which Big Kid's basketball team only lost by three points, the Cavs came in second place for the season. They were disappointed but we were still proud of the boys, they played with 110% maximum effort and heart. And Big hit a three-pointer in the championship game so he was content.

What I'm Working On: Today I have a late interview with the Alabama coordinator for a veteran organization which sponsors fly fishing trips for vets suffering from PTSD. I am looking forward to meeting with him.

What I'm Dreading: Okay, true confession time. Big Kid is trying out for the middle school basketball team and I am dreading it if he doesn't make it. He wants this so badly, I am not sure I have ever seen him want something so much. At the same time, if he doesn't make it, it will be a valuable lesson for him. But hard for a mom to watch.

What I'm Excited About: Big Kid and I have a date with the Piano Man Billy Joel next month! His dad is sitting this one out as we already saw Billy Joel together in 2007 and he is not as big a fan as I am. It will be Big's first concert so I am glad that he is starting off right. My first concert (22 years ago!) was George Strait and Faith Hill. If you have to go to a country concert (I am just not a big country fan), George Strait definitely puts on a great show.

What I'm Watching: Last night, we had a family movie night and the kids watched the Goonies for the first time (thanks Gramma for the Valentines gift!). I think it was the first time I had sat down and watched it from beginning to end. Needless to say they loved it. We discovered during it that Little is a movie talker: "Who is that?" "What is he doing?" "What did she say?" "What is her name?" She also does not like it when you shush her. 

What I'm Reading: I have been reading a long list of meh books lately, but I do have a recommendation for you today.


This was a pleasant surprise. Currently free on Kindle Unlimited, I thought: Why not? And I am glad that I did because it was a refreshing read. There is nothing that I dislike more in a book than a wishy washy heroine and Cat was snarky and spunky, without crossing the line to obnoxious. Four out of five basset hounds:


Check out my  Goodreads page for more reviews! I will fully admit to being hard on books but I feel very strongly about putting the time and effort into creating characters that are not one-dimensional and a plot that is not loosely woven around sex scenes.

What I'm Listening To: I am obsessed with XM satellite radio. My fave stations are the Billy Joel station, the 90's station (I was rocking out to TLC the other day) and I admit it, the Love station.

Lady was a show choir staple in high school. When it came on the other night, I had to text this to my show choir partner in crime, Katie.

What I'm Wearing: This is stretching the question a little but I am hoping that the kids will be wearing some new duds after I hit the Rocket City consignment sale this weekend. I went in the fall and found some amazing stuff for them and my nephew. $18 girls Michael Kors boots in like-new condition? SCORE.

What I'm Doing This Weekend: It's time for the weiner dog races. Our local hockey team has weiner dog night every year and it is must-see entertainment for the Skelley kids. From 2012 --

What I'm looking forward to next month: Definitely spring break. The Skelleys are headed back to the Bahamas!


What else is new: I am typing this from The Engineer's desktop because once again, my down key has stopped working on my MacBook. You would be surprised how often you use your down key. If I can hold off, I plan to take my laptop to Apple while we are on vaca (I know that was riveting information.)

Bonus question for February:

What is my favorite Easter tradition? Well, I would say that it is the kids all gussied up for the Easter service at our church, because I usually can only get them really dressed up twice a year -- Easter and Christmas Eve.


They would probably say dyeing eggs:


I can't believe the difference four years makes.

But I would also say celebrating the resurrection of Christ at our church. Holy Week is a special time and it fills me with the Spirit every year. 

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  1. I finally found Girl Scout cookies Saturday. The parents were selling them while the girls were goofing off. I was shocked because that would not have happened when I was a kid.


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