Five Friday Faves: Stitch Fix Edition

I just passed my one year anniversary of being a Stitch Fix member so I thought it would be a good idea to do an update on whether it is still working for me.

It is still working for me.

In the past year, I have only had one fix where I did not buy anything. I have received a few where I have bought a couple of items but I usually keep one per fix. Better than just tell you, for my Friday Five, I am sharing five of my favorite Stitch Fixes from the past year.

1. Off-the-shoulder sweater

I wore this to my twenty year high school reunion last fall and it was so nice to not have to fret and debate on what to wear to a reunion like I have done for the others in the past. This was hanging in my closet ready to go.

2. Kut from the Kloth denim




Comfiest jeans I have ever owned, yet fitted enough to not be sloppy. These are my "kid jeans" when I am volunteering at school or taking the kids to one of their myriad of events and I want to be polished but not uncomfortable. Tucked into boots, rolled up with chucks, paired with heels -- they go with everything.

3. Orange blouse

The perfect top to wear to a UT football game!


4. Versatile navy cardi

This top looks good equally with a gold glitter tank for an Oscar party (above) or with a demure shell for a work interview. And it is very flattering -- sometimes long cardis lean toward volumnious and frumpy.

4. Beige knit top

This top is so comfy yet structured enough that I can wear it on casual work days. Above I paired with some leggings because I knew that I would eat my weight in potluck goodies at my family's annual Thanksmas event (and I did).

My favorite part of Stitch Fix remains the same as I blogged last year: having five pieces of clothing arrive on my doorstep cuts down on the last-minute panicked shopping trips. Now when items arrive, I look ahead to special events coming up and match them up. With a busy family and work life, that is essential. They do a great job of sending a mixture of both work and casual clothes -- not a week goes by that I don't wear Stitch Fix to work. The quality is fantastic and the process to mail back unwanted clothes is extremely simple. One year in and I am still a happy customer.

Would you like to try Stitch Fix? Full disclosure: if you click on my link to sign up, I will receive a referral fee. I like to be 100% transparent about such things because hidden affiliate links are a pet peeve of mine. If you try it out and decide its not your jam, you can cancel at any time. And you don't have to set a scheduled monthly delivery, you can adjust it to fit your needs.

Who else uses Stitch Fix? I would love to hear how it works for you. Happy weekend and thanks for dropping in!



  1. I love the off the shoulder sweater, very flattering! Liz at familyoffoley.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you! I always like an off the shoulder look, even if it makes me wrestle with my strapless bra the whole time. ;)


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