Five Friday Faves

Time for some Friday favorites! Today is a veritable smorgasbord of stuff.

1. A couple of weeks ago I was nuking  a baked potato and our microwave suddenly made a "Ree row" sound and shut off. We all just looked at each other because that had never happened before. I checked the breaker, but it was still on. RIP Maytag microwave. Aside -- my mother-in-law still has her original microwave from the eighties. Ours was seven years old. They just don't make them like they used to. What made this especially tedious was that it was a microwave that was bolted into the cabinetry, not an easy fix.

But didn't your rec room TV and Keurig also both break in the last six weeks, Katie? Why, yes they did -- thank you for remembering. We are hoping that this is the last appliance to fail in 2016 but the TV in our bedroom is suspect. The reason that I am blogging about it today is because our new microwave was installed Tuesday and it is a boss.

If you are looking for a new microwave, we highly recommend the Samsung, which is on sale at Lowes right now. It is a convection microwave (who knew that even existed) which cooks food tastier -- top-notch review, I know -- the link gives the deets much better than I. It is also friggin' huge and the fan will blow your socks off, possibly literally.

2. The Redstone Rocket on Twitter

The newspaper is on Twitter now! If you are too, be sure to follow us for all kinds of Team Redstone goodness at @RocketNewspaper.

3. International Night

Each year, the kids' elementary school puts on an International Night in which each class transforms their classroom and hallway into a different country. It is the biggest night of the year for the school. Lat night was a little bittersweet this year because it is Big's last year and I think he felt it too because he was already talking about going to it next year. Big's was Switzerland and Little's class did Australia.

via teamskelley on Instagram

My favorite classroom this year was Azerbaijan:

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint,1.7 Fl.oz
While in my twenties, my Aunt Kate impressed upon me the importance of wearing sunblock on my neck and I am so glad that she did. Just say no to turkey neck. What I like about Jouer is that it is an SPF 15 (I do layer it with a straight up sunblock if I am out in the sun a lot) but also smooths the skin and covers any blemishes, something I struggle with because of hormonal cystic acne on my jaw.  It is not too heavy, so it does not look as though I am wearing makeup on my neck. It is a little pricey but a little dab will do it, so it lasts for a long time.

5. Beating Ruby by Camilla Monk


I loved this book! I am often disappointed by sequels but Beating Ruby might be the rare book that is better than the first in the series.

Synopsis: Life hasn’t been quite the same for computer engineer Island Chaptal since March, an OCD-ridden professional killer, burst into her life to clean her bedroom and take her on a global chase for a legendary diamond. Sadly, the (hit) man doesn’t just break bones; he breaks hearts, too.

Since then, Island has found solace in Alex—the perfect boyfriend—and Ruby, a software project about to revolutionize online banking security…for the worse. When Island’s boss is found dead after allegedly using Ruby to steal a vast fortune, it’s up to her to clear his name and recover the money. Someone else wants answers, though, and this time, Island might be in over her head.

From New York to Z├╝rich, it’s going to take the return of a cleaning expert, a mini-octopus, and Island’s wits to beat Ruby. All while deciding whether to trust a man who already jilted her, or one who may have his own deadly secrets…

So many books are derivative of the theme du jour of the  moment, but I can honestly say that this is a unique premise with engaging characters and a fun, fast-moving plot. I think what endeared me was an OCD hitman, I identified with the character probably a little too much. I have been known the neaten up friends' houses. In college I used to artfully arrange my friend Joe's couch pillows, to his chagrin. That being said, definitely read Spotless first. And know that this is actually book two in a three book series, with Crystal Whisperer to be released in July. Definitely five out of five basset hounds.


Check out my Goodreads bookshelf for more ratings and recommendations.

Thanks for popping by and happy weekend! 

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  1. Love the new microwave! I caught a baked potato on fire in my parent's microwave when I was growing up. Luckily the microwave survived and I didn't burn the house down, but it's a funny story to tell now. Oh how far along I've come in my cooking skills! I'll have to check out that book. Having OCD myself, I'll likely relate as well. Hope you are having a great weekend!


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