Skelleys Sail 2016 | Part Four

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This was our day at sea, which is always my favorite on a cruise. 

It is always a little more relaxed without the rush to disembark, and there are increased character meetings, activities -- and the shops stay open all day. By law, the shops have to close when the ship is at port. It is a fun day to enjoy a longer breakfast, explore the ship or relax on deck with a book.

Little Kid has informed me numerous times that she is "sporty," so I was surprised when she said that she would like to go to the Bippity Boppity Boo Salon again. She did it on the Fantasy two years ago. Since last time she did the tiny princess bun (which still cracks me up), she went with a different look this go around.

The salon is new to the Magic, opening last October. It is smaller than the one on the Fantasy, but we had no problem getting a reservation.

With her Fairy Godmother-In-Training, Leah:

That afternoon, we saw Zootopia in 3D in the theater. Neither M. nor I are fans of 3D (due to the massive headaches after Avatar) but it wasn't jarring. The kids had already seen it with their Gramma, but we hadn't yet. Very cute movie, I really enjoyed it.

After the movie, we made one last trip to the pool deck before dinner. 

Big Kid and J. were stuck together like glue most of the day. We had not been able to spend time with J.'s family because we were in the early dining seating (5:45) and they were in the late (8:15), which put us on different nighttime schedules, so we were happy to finally had an opportunity to relax together on the pool deck.

Remember how I said that I was scared of heights and would not let M. reserve a stateroom with a balcony? When we were docked by the Dream the day before, I watched all of their guests sitting on their stateroom patios and for the first time I actually thought that it would be nice to have one. So Misti's mom took me to see their balcony and I was surprisingly fine! As long as I did not look down. And while we were out there, we saw a shark, which would be enough for Little Kid to want a balcony. So we shall see on our next cruise.

Our last dinner was in the Animator's Palate. 

I am not sure that I can do justice to how amazing this restaurant is. At first, the paintings on the wall sketched drawings of different Disney characters.

Then about halfway through dinner, they added color. 

During dessert, Sorcerer Mickey appeared and the paintings came to life with a musical show that even included the servers! It was my favorite dining experience on a Disney Cruise, ever.

After dinner, we went to our first Disney pin trading event. That morning, Little and I were buying souvenirs in the gift shops and when we checked out, the salesperson said that Little and her princess 'do was her favorite guest of the day, so she handed her a handful of Disney pins. She told Little about a pin trading event with the crew that night and Little was hooked.

Here they are negotiating a trade.

After the pin trading, we attended our last show, Disney Dreams -- An Enchanted Classic. With the way Little cheered after every song, it was definitely her favorite show of the trip. It featured all of the favorite characters, including Peter Pan, the Lion King and even Olaf from Frozen! I love Olaf.  Even though Little is out of the princess stage, she could not resist being caught up in the magic.

And as is tradition, this night we took our family photo with Captain Mickey:




Unfortunately, our cruise had come to an end, but we had one more towel animal waiting for us when we went back to our stateroom to pack.

Although this was the last day, tomorrow I will be blogging about my favorite parts of the trip for Five Friday Faves. I am also going to get into the nuts and bolts of cruising and compare the Dream, Fantasy and Magic, and a four-night cruise versus seven-night cruise. I hope you come back and check it out!

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