Skelleys Sail 2016 | Part One

Last week was radio silence on ye old blog because Team Skelley was cruising again for spring break!

Longtime readers might remember that we set sail on the Disney Dream in 2012 and the Disney Fantasy in 2014. I did not write as much about the 2014 cruise, not because it wasn't amazing but because while we were gone, our beloved basset hound Baxter took a turn for the worse and the vet had to take lifesaving measures. A week and a half after we arrived home, he crossed the rainbow bridge. It was a hard time for us and my heart just wasn't in the blog.

In our ongoing quest to sail on all four Disney cruise ships, we were excited to find that the Magic offered a four-night cruise that coincided with the kids' spring break. So we packed up the car, sent Fletch to doggie hotel -- he was not amused -- and left for Florida last Saturday.

Our customary hitting the road picture.

I have noticed a difference in our packing since our first cruise with the kids four years ago. We pack much less stuff now. So there is hope for all of you parents of toddlers, you won't always be packing up your house to go on vacation! Little was under the weather, she had a bit of a stomach bug Thursday night. Big had a stomach bug a couple of days before the 2012 cruise so we were no strangers to the barf bucket. By Sunday afternoon when we arrived at the ship, she was on the mend. Or so we thought. #foreshadowing

We spent the night in Jacksonville, Florida, as we did last time, and hit the road again early the next morning. As we drove down the Florida interstate, I remarked to M. about how much I was enjoying our new Honda. An hour later:

YES. Thankfully we had roadside assistance -- thank you, State Farm -- and were only 15 minutes away from Coggins Honda St. Augustine. With the help of the Mike the tower, Holly the cabbie and Klint at Hertz in the St. Augustine airport, we were back on our way to the port ... three hours later. It turned out to be a small problem that would have been a minor hiccup if we had been home. Unfortunately, we were on an interstate in Florida on a Sunday morning. Nothing was open. When it started having problems, I don't think I have ever seen that particular expression on M.'s face.

At the airport: "Why is there a phone in the wall?"

This is what the port looks like when you arrive at 2:30 p.m. and the embarking deadline is 4:00.

We were a little frazzled when we arrived and the kids did not get to swim but I was okay with that because the pools were nuts! It looked like all 2400 guests had the same idea and the pools were packed. We met up with our friends the H. family, who were also sailing to let them know that we finally made it on board, and went down to check out our room and get ready for dinner. While the girl and I relaxed in the stateroom, the boys explored and went to the farewell party on the deck, which kicked off as the ship moves out of port.

Oceaneer Youth Club


The Disney Magic is the oldest of the four Disney ships and along with its sister ship the Wonder, underwent a total renovation in 2012 to resemble the two newer and larger ships, the Fantasy and the Dream. I am excited to see what they do with the two new ships that they are building. We made some guesses on what they would be named with the consensus being "Wish" and "Believe."

So you know how I am absolutely terrified scared of heights? We have not had a room with a balcony since our Hawaiian honeymoon cruise because of my phobia. At the beginning of the trip, I gave Big Kid a stern lecture on no tomfoolery close to the railings. But I do think that now they are older, I might have changed my mind about balconies. More on that later.

Our first dinner was in Carioca's. If you have been to Epcot at Walt Disney World, this restaurant is modeled after the Three Caballeros ride in the Mexico part of the World Showcase. And one of the three Caballeros is my main man Donald Duck, so I was thrilled. On Disney cruises, the dining room changes each night but your servers stay with you. We sat with a nice family from Iowa whose kids were the same age as ours and dad was an engineer also. Our dining hosts were Bomin, from the Philippines and his assistant Anthony, from India.

Bomin made us our own personalized Disney hats.

I am always impressed at how kind the cast members are on Disney cruises. Our cabin host, Marvin, was also a sweetheart. After dinner, Big made a beeline for the basketball court. Earlier in the day, he had met up with his buddy J. on the court for some dodgeball fun.

Little wanted to check out the kids club, so I don't know how it happened but The Engineer and I found ourselves sans-kids in the Walt Disney Theater watching Twice Charmed, a reimagining of Cinderella. The live shows are always top-notch with excellent production values.

We then collected the kids and headed back to our stateroom. They were thrilled to have bunk beds for the first time -- on the other cruises their beds always folded out onto an L shape. After the crazy day we had, we all collapsed in our beds and it was lights out.

What a day!

Thanks for popping in! Tomorrow: Day Two -- Castaway Cay!

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  1. I hate you had that headache at the beginning of the trip. The boat looks amazing.


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