Skelleys Sail 2016 | Part Three

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Welcome to beautiful Nassau, Bahamas!

We had a special treat when we woke to find the cruise in port Tuesday morning. Its sister ship, the Disney Dream, was alongside.

I told you that the Engineer loves taking pictures of ships.

Last time we were in Nassau, we toured Atlantis, which was beautiful. We highly recommend its aquarium tour -- if you don't have small kids. If you do have small kids, they would probably prefer the shore excursion that includes Atlantis' pools. This time we could not make up our minds on an excursion, so we split up, with the boys heading on a tour of the city and a nature preserve and the girls taking a submarine ride. You don't have to choose an excursion, you can explore on your own, which is what both our family friends and our dinner table mates did.

Astrada Zoo and Garden Tour

The largest rodent in the world, weighing in at 130 lbs.

It's Hedwig and his twin!

Semi-Submersible excursion

We took a boat to the submarine, which looks like a normal boat above the water but has individual seats and viewing windows down below.


One of Oprah's (two!) Bahamian houses.

Little counted this as one of her favorite parts of the trip. She seriously loves sharks. She has read books, watched educational videos -- the whole nine yards. So when we spotted a nurse shark, she was beside herself.

When everyone arrived back at the ship that afternoon, we decided to hit the pools and water slides before dinner.

Little and her buddy, E.

I have not talked about the Aquadunk yet. It was definitely the highlight of Big Kid's trip. The two newer ships have the Aquaduck, which is a waterside that extends over the ocean. After its success, Disney added a waterslide to the two older ships as a part of their overhaul four years ago. The Aquadunk is a little different. Instead of starting out like a traditional slide, you drop through doors in the floor and go down. The boys loved it. It is pretty intense, The Engineer said that several little kids changed their mind and turned around while he waited in line.

Little in line for the yellow waterslide which was less intimidating. The pool also had a fun splash area for tots, but our kids have outgrown it. I still remember playing with Little in Nemo's splash area on our first cruise.

That night our dinner was scheduled to be in Lumiere's again. We instead decided to try out one of the adults-only fine dining restaurants onboard to celebrate our fifteen-year dating anniversary the week before. The kids ate at the poolside grill and then chilled in the Oceaneer's Club while M. and I dined at Palo for the first time. You cannot make reservations until you board but that did not seem to be a problem as the restaurant was not even close to full.

I was remiss in getting photos, this is all I have. Honestly, I was enjoying the meal so much that it didn't occur to me to take them. I had the lobster pasta, while the Engineer had veal. It was far and away one of the best meals that we have ever had in all of our years together. And our server Alvin was a jewel. The restaurant is at the back of the ship so the view of the sunset was breathtaking.

While we were enjoying a romantic meal, the kids were getting their pirate on.

Pirate Night is a tradition on the Disney Cruise for all ships except the Fantasy, which now does a Star Wars Night. I would love to experience that one of these days! For Pirate Night, the ship is transformed into a pirate theme with all of the cast members and characters in pirate garb. There is also a pirate show on the pool deck and fireworks. The three H boys had identical shirts but we were on a different dinner schedule than them so it was the only night that we did not run into them, f course so we did not get a photo op. That night, the show in the Walt Disney Theater was a magic show, but we instead decided to see Star Wars again, like the Star Wars nuts that we are.

Little did not make it all the way through the movie (it was late and our third time to see it, after all) so she and I headed back to the stateroom, while the boys stayed until the end. And of course, this awaited us.

It was a great day and our first day since the trip started that everyone felt good and we had no calamities. Whew.

Next up: Day at Sea!


  1. Looks very fun! I've been checking your cruise posts this week. I think we'll likely do Disneyworld and affiliated Orlando parks sometime in the next few years because H isn't a fan of cruises. Maybe M and I can swing a short mommy - daughter cruise when she's older for the experience/memories for her.

    I'm glad that your car is repaired and you all had extra time to get to the departure port!

    1. Thank you, friend! It seems like either people love cruises or they really don't -- there is no in between. If you do Disney, make sure you check out the crowd reports, it turns out that spring break is their second busiest time of year after Christmas. That surprised me.


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