Skelleys Sail 2016 | Part Two

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We slept in on day two and decided to have a late breakfast and then hang out at the pool while everyone else was at Castaway Cay.

Big Kid and J.in Cabana's. 

We are huge fan of Cabana's -- they always have just about anything you could ever want for breakfast.

The perfect time to hit the pools is always when the ship is docked and everyone is off seeing the sights.

We then made our way to Castaway Cay, which is Disney's private island in the Bahamas. Fun fact: Before Disney purchased the island almost twenty years ago, it was used as a stop for drug runners. I am always curious about the workers on the island -- where they live, how they get on and off the island. There are around 100 permanent residents of Castaway Cay who work for the cruise line.

The Engineer loves to take boat pictures from every angle. I have spared you most of them. One of the nice things about Castaway Cay is that it is an extension of the cruise and all food is free.

This was the first time that we could see the difference between cruising with 4000 guests versus 2400 -- the beach was deserted! Last time we were there, the ocean water slide had a long line but this time, we swam right up and hopped on. We did not get any closeups but you can see it in the distance.

While we went watersliding, the other half of Team Skelley played in the sand.

They do serve lunch on the island at Cookie's, but the kids were not hungry from their late breakfast so they went to the kids club on the island while The Engineer and I ate at the the adults-only Serenity Bay beach. I think he had been looking forward to it since the last time we were there.

Steak on the beach.

Unfortunately, when we returned an hour and a half later, I found Little in the shade with a cold washcloth on her forehead. The counselors said that she had thrown up. We think that she overheated easily because her strength had not returned from her virus. Note to the wiser: bring your cabin wavephone with you to Castaway Cay. You don't have to have it to use the club, but they had tried to call us and I forgot it in the room, thinking that it would be okay because the kids would not be in the club for a long time. I. Felt. Awful.

The good news is that after we went back to our room, Little cooled down, ate an entire pizza from room service, was happy and feeling good. I always try to make each cruise different and try new things. This was the first time that I ordered room service on a Disney cruise (very prompt) and the first time that I visited sickbay. After a child vomits, Disney requires a note from sickbay to participate in any activities. They very gently asked me to keep her out of the club for the day to make sure she had no symptoms. To be on the safe side, I kept her out a couple of days even though she was symptom-free.

She even felt good enough to venture out with her dad --

-- and go looking for characters!

Pluto is her favorite.

That night's dinner was in Lumiere's, which had a Beauty and the Beast theme. The show for the evening was Tangled, which is a favorite of mine. 

The tween once again opted for bball but his little sister was all about it. During the show, Little, who was sitting on the end of the row, felt a tap on her shoulder. Sitting beside her was Flynn Rider! He whispered to her for a moment and then pulled Rapunzel's crown out of his bag and placed it on her head. Suddenly the spotlight shined on both of them and he said goodbye before jumping up and running on stage. You should have seen the smile on her face. I think she floated out of the theater and back to the stateroom. I do not think it was a coincidence that she chose a Flynn Rider tee as her souvenir shirt for the trip. 

Again, we all crashed pretty quickly after a big day. Although it had more drama than we hoped, everyone agreed that it ended well.

Next stop: Nassau, Bahamas!

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