What's Up, Billy Joel?

It is time for the March recap -- it has been a month of big highs, but some lows too. Let's look back:

What I'm reminiscing about: We had a pretty awesome, if busy Easter weekend. I sang with the choir as usual and that afternoon we went to Gramma's for an egg hunt and meal. My choir friend Lee told me Sunday, "When I read your Facebook, it makes me tired." Me too, Lee, me too.

Our annual Easter rush and smile before the camera clicks -- It rained most of the day and my hair was a giant cotton ball.

Basset bomb.

My nephew's first egg hunt!

He was a little old for egg hunting, but when I told the kids that whoever found the most eggs would win $5 -- they were both suddenly all about it.

What I'm loving: I am still flying high from seeing Billy Joel in concert last weekend. Do I have a story for you! So Big Kid and I are walking into the FedEx Forum in Memphis and this dude came up to us. I was in Mom Mode and thought he was a creeper, so I preemptively stopped him and said, "No, thank you," and walked away. He ran after us, handed Big two tickets and told us they were on the floor. I did not believe him but when we asked an attendant to point us in the direction of our seats, they kept sending us down to ... the second row! 

My ecstatic Googling said that Billy Joel was tired of the high rollers buying the front seats and then sitting through his concerts like, "Play for me, Piano Man." So he started buying up the front rows and having a crew person hand them out at concerts. He said that he wanted them to go to the "real fans." 

The creeper who accosted us was actually his cinematographer. I apologized to him later. During the concert, he filmed us for the Jumbotron. I think that we were entertaining because as all the adults around him were jumping and screaming, my son just stood there with a giant bucket, eating popcorn. During the encore, another crew member walked out from behind the stage and handed Big a Billy Joel guitar pick. I am still in shock.

It was the experience of a lifetime. 

This was Big Kid's first concert and I told him that it was NOT typical to be twenty feet away from the musical act. 

Where was the other half of Team Skelley? They were with Nana and Aunt Dana. We all gathered the next morning for an early Easter breakfast.

What we've been up to: Well, it has been a tough week for the eleven year old. Big was cut at middle school basketball tryouts Monday. He has been practicing and prepping for the tryouts for weeks and was pretty devastated. I don't think that he has ever been rejected from anything but at the same time, I don't think that he has ever wanted anything this much. Sports are a huge part of his identity and he had a plan for how middle school was going to shape up -- he and his best friend would be on the basketball team and seventh grade would be awesome. Only his best friend made the team and he did not. 

This was a whopper of a life lesson and it was not over yet. After he came home from the tryouts, he only had about an hour of downtime before his first baseball game of the season. He really needed a win to restore some of his confidence and positive outlook. Unfortunately, it was a nail biter that they lost by one point in the final inning -- with two outs. Plus it ran late and he did not get home until 10 pm, so he was exhausted and disheartened. In the middle of the night, I woke to his vomiting in his bathroom -- he had a migraine probably brought on by dehydration and the stress of just a really crappy day.

In the long run, this was such a necessary and important life lesson, but it hurt my heart. Thankfully, he bounced back quick from the disappointment. Yesterday he came home and shot hoops in the driveway and said that he would still play for the rec league. I am so incredibly proud of him. 

What I'm working on: April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month and tomorrow I am attending a speaker event with a victim of sexual abuse. I wrote a story a couple of years ago on sex trafficking and it opened my eyes. If you think that it does not happen where you live, you are wrong. It is everywhere.

What I'm dreading: I have been in complete denial about the kids' honorary grandparents Pat and Rich leaving our church. They will be attending a church closer to their new home with their family, which I completely understand but we will still miss them tremendously. We will be saying farewell to them at church this weekend. I'm sad.

What I'm excited about: With middle school barreling towards us, we told Big Kid that we would redecorate his room this summer. He has had the same room since he was six:

So he and I are both excited about that.

What I'm watching: We watched The Intern the other night and it was your usual Nancy Meyer movie, a Pottery Barn catalog come to life.

What I'm reading: The Skelleys are a family of readers. All four of us pretty much always have a book going, so I thought it would be fun to include the fam on this one. These are the books that we brought along on our Disney Cruise a couple of weeks ago.

To read about our cruising experience: 

This was definitely a fitting book for a Disney Cruise. He told me that he thought I, as a huge Disney nut, would like it too.

She is a HUGE Star Wars fan like her dad and mom.

The Engineer: The Wright Brothers

As an aerospace engineer and a David McCullough fan, this was right up his alley.

Yes, it is chick lit, but it was the perfect vaca read. With the horror in the news today, sometimes you just need a little fluff.

Check out my Goodreads page for more reviews.

What I'm listening to: I have gotten into the Lithium station on XM. It plays all of the bands that were popular when I was in college -- Soundgarden, Candlebox, STP ... it is a great station to open the sunroof and rock out on a warm day.

What I'm wearing: If you are looking for a great deal on boots, the end of March is definitely the time to stock up. I am so tall that I just don't wear heels very often, so flat-heeled boots are my jam. I only have this fail of a picture, but the link will take you to where I purchased them on Amazon.

What I'm doing this weekend: It is family photo time! We have not had the whole family's photo taken in five years so we are overdue.

What I'm looking forward to next month: The kids are spending a long weekend with Gramma next month and I am looking forward to some one-on-one time with The Engineer. Maybe we will go out to eat, see a movie, lie around like bumps on a log -- who knows? 

What else is new: I am not sure that this is new, actually it has been going on for three months but after realizing that our quilt had several tears in it and our curtains were faded to an embarrassing degree, I have been freshening up our bedroom -- but I am not done yet. 

Sneak peek:

It still needs something, a finishing touch, but I don't know what yet.

Bonus question for March:

What spring cleaning tips do you have? Meep. I need to get on that. I am not sure this is a tip but every spring, I get a box of disinfectant cleaning wipes and I go to town on our baseboards. I have found that the disposable wipes are the easiest and do the best job. It is brutal on the knees, though, so maybe that is my tip -- get a knee pad before cleaning your baseboards.

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  1. wow! middle school. that is so hard to believe. And how lucky is that for the concert.

  2. SO much goodness in this post! I have always heard so many good things about Billy Joel but your story just seals it: what an incredible human being! Your son is going to have unrealistic expectations about concert attabdrnce for sure :) Liz @ familyoffoley.wordpress.com

    1. I know! Billy Joel is definitely a class act! He looked at us a few times, probably because an eleven-year-old with a giant tub of popcorn on his second row is not his typical audience. Every time he looked over I would smile at him and then look away quickly -- because I am a spaz.

  3. I'm sorry that Big didn't make the yeam, but I respect his resilient attitude! I recall many moons ago thinking that my life had ended when I did not make the middle school cheerleading team for the second year in a row. I eventually threw myself into student government activities and never looked back. Part of my full academic scholarship to college was a leadership program grant that I earned due to my involvement in various school and city student organizations. I met your hometown girl, ABR, in that program! I continued my invovlement in leadership roles in college, law school and to the present day. Please tell CDS that all's well that ends well!

    Your mom and sister look adorable/excited in the pic of your nephew's first egg hunt! How cute!

    1. I will definitely tell him. Thank you, Friend. He will be doing well if he is half as successful as you, NWV!


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